We are a end to end one stop solution web services and marketing agency powered by the full-stack web developers, Full Stack digital marketers, Graphic designers, Content writers, and strategists/consultants with a decade of experience working on projects like KnowledgeHut, RedBus, Mobikwik, Bigbasket, NewsHunt, Babyoye, InvensisLearning, Scala.com.sg, Agaileasia.com, Staragile.com, Premieragile.com, SalesTown.in, Svprintpack.com, Zeolearn, 40squares.com, Edugorilla, and many more. Kandra Digital offers end to end solutions in driving the internet marketing for the organisation, Kandra Digital is a one-stop solution for all the digital marketing needs.

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Industries KandraDigital Worked

Kandra digital has worked for industries catering to Hospitality, Travel & Leisure, E-commerce, Education, Recharge and Wallet, Stock Market, Finance, Real Estate, News, Manufacturing and many more

Our Services

Web development plays a crucial role in success of business in the current era where appealing, fast loading and built from marketing perspective are primary goals, and we fulfil it as we are experts and have driven businesses towards the success!

Why KandraDigital?

We understand your business the way you understand and build strategies by bringing in our expertise that can assure you the consistent progress/growth.

Testimonials & Coverage

“Thanks to Manjunath Chowdary for bringing in our business to shape, we are extremely happy about him building the right marketing channels and setting up the tracking mechanism to measure and invest wisely in the marketing.”

“Very knowledgeable team with a strong base in marketing and I love to work with the team, they are extraordinary and have delivered the best in the last one and half year.”

“I personally liked KandraDigital and team for assuring and achieving what was assured. I had given a target and expected to achieve it in 6 months, the team did it in 4 months and I appreciate their expertise and problem solving skills.”

“The best team to work with for all the content needs, all the content developed for our portal is from Kandra team, they bring in the best practices and marketing strategies in developing every piece of content.”

Templates and Formats

Simplify your work by accessing our templates and sample reports. We have a huge list of sample formats needed for every digital marketer, which can save a lot of their time. Our reports have some amazing unknown hacks, tips and shortcuts that every digital marketer should know.

The Digital Marketing Knowledge

We regularly publish some research based, analysis and the industry news and you can always explore to read some interesting content around digital marketing.

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