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Enable the website to perform to its maximum potential with the boost in its crawl stats. Premium quality Do-follow backlinks from the high DA websites are quite simple with the services from KandraDigital!


Based on 500+ Reviews
  • Successful ROI Driven Strategies
  • Leveraging All Marketing Channels
  • Industry Best Practices
  • No Outdated Implementations
  • Results Assured & 60% More Faster

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We are a end to end one stop solution web services and marketing agency powered by the full-stack web developers, Full Stack digital marketers, Graphic designers, Content writers, and strategists/consultants with a decade of experience working on projects like Upgrad KnowledgeHut, RedBus, Mobikwik, Bigbasket, NewsHunt, Babyoye, InvensisLearning,,,,,,, Zeolearn,, Edugorilla, Amigobulls and 500 many more. Kandra Digital offers end to end solutions in driving the internet marketing for the organisation, Kandra Digital is a one-stop solution for all the digital marketing needs.

Why are Seo professionals and some of the business owners going crazy about building Backlinks to their websites? !

Do you think the buzz around it is correct? May be not correct always as there could be too many Backlinks to many of the domains already, but then their poor on-page, technical Seo, and content could be the main problem which must be hindering their Seo progress and in this case, building links from thousands of domains without assessing it is not a right implementation. 


If you think,

  1. You have a great content
  2. Seo on-page in its good state
  3. Technical Seo is all perfect
  4. If you agree your business competition is high, 

Watch "why aggressive Back LinkBuilding?"

You may have to quickly understand the gaps in terms of the off-page profile of your website.

Here is a case study of one of our clients and a study of its competitors, which clearly details you where and what is lagging on account all these days and left them behind,

Why Digital Marketing?

  • Promotions and marketing of products on Digital platforms
  • Improving the visibility of business on internet
  • Creating buzz about the business on internet
  • Portraying the power of the brand on the internet
  • Creating an impact to improve the conversion rate
  • Handle communication easily with the customers/users
  • Maintain an easily accessible portfolio on the internet

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

  • Easy and sustainable growth
  • Future of business is going to be completely through Digital marketing and the one who understands its power will be much ahead
  • Digital presence of business is one of the biggest asset for the valuation of business and in fact its the only biggest assets for few companies
  • Happy customers with ease/comfort of service/content accessibility
  • Much cheaper than the traditional marketing
  • Reach of audiences is in control, its very unlike to traditional marketing

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

  • Drive free traffic to website from search engines
  • Optimize website for Users and Search engines
  • Improve the user metrics or make the website more engaging for audiences/customers
  • Optimize website for all business searches/keywords
  • Place the website on top of Google first page
  • Improve the website crawl frequency & crawl rates (which are usually measured by varieties of metrics such as DA, CR, and many other ranks)

Benefits Of SEO

  • Organic presence of website on search engines is the most sustainable support for the business
  • Gets lot of free traffic
  • Generates leads
  • Generates sales
  • Builds trust- Being always available on Google is perceived as the most authentic business
  • its very hard to beat the businesses by the competitor’s when the organic presence is strong.
  • The organic(SEO) performance of website plays a prominent role in valuation of the business
  • The organic search results get the high quality traffic (Usually the conversion rates will be very high) compared to any other source of traffic

Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM/AdWords)?

  • Place the website on top of Google through paid marketing
  • Tap in the users searches clicking on the ad’s on Google & drive leads/sales
  • A paid slot takes up at least 20-30% of the market search's and not being available would be a missed opportunity by at least 8-10% for the business
  • Generate leads/sales at the lowest possible spend

Advantages of SEM

  • Many businesses to survive on the initial phase opt for the search pay per click
  • More customer’s acquisition.
  • SEM drives lots of visitor to your website from day one and brings sales/leads of high quality.
  • Outstanding visibility
  • Gets better insight on the market and helps for data driven approaches

Why Display Marketing?

  • Promote product/service across internet, on top portals including Gmail Inbox
  • Promote product/service on the portals which has content that’s usually consumed by our target audiences
  • Promote product/service to audiences who have already visited the website but never converted, usually provoking through offers/discounts or just an education

Advantages of display marketing

  • Extensive Branding
  • Very much useful when product/service is newly introduced to markets
  • The promotion activities are less expensive compared to any other marketing activities
  • Reach wide range of audiences
  • Easy follow ups
  • Promote business based on their interests, browsing history, their lifestyle, & demographics
  • Helps boosting the sales conversion rates
  • Outreach through Images, Gif’s, Video’s & text

Why Reputation Management ?

To place the brand value (ratings, reviews & score) high in terms of quality and quantity across all the review portals such as

  • Mouthshut
  • Glassdoor
  • Trustpoilet
  • Google business listing
  • Just dial
  • Sulekha
  • App/play store reviews & rating
  • Wikipidea Listing
  • Google Business listing
  • PR & News Publish
  • Local Directories listing
  • Ad network purchase/promotions

Advantages of Reputation Management

  • Improves the trust factor among audiences
  • Improves the sales conversion rates
  • Improves the business valuation
  • Improve the brand value
  • Improve the digital presence

Why Social Media ?

  • Branding/Outreach
  • Keep engaged with the audiences/customers through content, so that more products/services can be sold to them
  • Direct promotions of products/services to audience groups/customers
  • Target your interest audiences and achieve sales
  • Customer support
  • Grow your network

Advantages of Social Media

  • Increases your business credibility, brand value will be improved
  • Outreach is easy since large population is active on social platforms
  • Easy reach of support team through social platforms improves the retention rate
  • Improve business conversion rates

Why Content Marketing ?

  • Reach larger set of audiences organically through the content they are interested in
  • To keep engaging with the audiences/customers so that more business can be expected from them
  • Increase the website credibility on internet
  • Branding, cross selling and education of product/service

Advantages of Social Media

  • Expand the user base
  • Diversify the user base
  • Establish or Increase online sales
  • Increase brand awareness or credibility
  • Create an online community of target audience groups
  • Improve search performance of the website by improving its crawl frequency and crawl rates

Why App Store Optimization?

  • Being found more easily by users on the app stores, due to the fact that App Store Search is the No. 1 source for people to discover new applications
  • Rank higher compared to competitors
  • Rank higher for specific keywords
  • Rank higher in Google´s semantic search for applications
  • Create appealing graphics (icon, screenshots and promo video) to increase the chances of being downloaded
  • Improve the reviews & Rating

Advantages of ASO

  • More Downloads
  • More sales
  • Easy promotion of our products/services on app
  • Better customer retention

Why Affiliate Marketing?

  • Reach out to people who can promote our business and get sales to us through their own marketing platforms/efforts
  • Build a network of sellers

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

  • Get more business through reference
  • In case of small commissions/ no commissions at all the cost per acquisition would be better compared to any other marketing activities

Why E-Mail Marketing?

  • To send emails in order to promote/sell the service/product/content to the targeted audience groups

Advantages of E-Mail Marketing

  • Direct sales and sign ups
  • Easy to reach audience in case of email availability
  • Very cost effective marketing when database is properly segregated and emails are sent based on proper understanding of user details.

Get A Personalised Suggestion For Your Business !

We will analyse your requirements, your business category/niche, the ticket price of your product, the current competition and send you a detailed report on the strategy to achieve the success for free.

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Digital Marketing Channels

We have all types of Digital Marketing services catering to the needs of the businesses and business owners. Its highly crucial to opt the right service in order to drive the business in the right direction. You have to pick the highest ROI driving channel first in order to succeed or to gan more profits.

Why Do Companies Prefer Kandra Digital?

We understand your business the way you understand and build strategies by bringing in our expertise that can assure you of consistent progress and growth of all metrics month on month.

Expert Team

Meet our expert team delivering success to our clients.

Digital Marketer

Nikhil Patel

Digital Marketer

Ramya Teja

Digital Marketer

Manjunath Kandra

About Kandra Digital

KandraDigital is a premium Digital Marketing agency delivering the true value for the businesses looking for the right marketing strategy and effective utilisation of the budget in enabling the various digital marketing channels for the businesses.

KandraDigtial is enabling all kinds of businesses to succeed through its unique strategies and implementation methods. We deliver the results 65% faster than any other agency in the market.

Speak To our Experts Today!

Why Opt Digital Marketing Services From Us?

We would definitely not say not to opt for services from other Marketing agencies but we just meant that we have something special that brings in a lot of value to your marketing investment, time and overall business.

  • A decade of expertise in driving quality traffic for websites
  • Exposure to all stages of marketing tactics/levels since 2011
  • Experience working on massive projects or building them to a massive scale
  • A disciplined work culture where the client and the account progress is a priority
  • Up-to-date and best practices
  • As a marketing agency, we bring in immense learning/knowledge from the various industries/projects we work on
  • Best tools to keep track of progress, for regular assessment of account, and to plan the right strategies
  • The proven track record on increase client sales by an average of 5x times
  • Data-driven decisions & Implementations

Why Our DM Experts are most preferred by business owners?

Our Digital Marketing experts are all MTech, Engineers, MCA, and MBA graduates and some of them are a combination of degrees who all have the best aptitude, logical, reasoning capabilities, and communication skills and also have a deep understanding of various marketing channels and their functionality. our team is one of the rarest that possesses a deep understanding of search algorithms, marketing platforms and resonates timely. takes timely action.

Our marketing experts come with the expertise of working for very small websites from its zero-base to large websites which have got a few millions of traffic and have handled all kinds of scenarios such as,

  • Selling strategies across the website
  • Effectively handle Website Penalties
  • Paid budgets of up to 1Cr per month
  • Built social channels from Zero to a significant level
  • Can address advanced and complex SEO, & technical issues
  • Website Migrations effectively without any loss in traffic
  • Making every single piece of content perform & rank for a few thousands of keywords.
  • Balancing & maintaining the crawl stats

Let’s talk,

If you are a startup or a company moving aggressively in achieving your next milestone sign up with us for your digital marketing execution, all your marketing goals will be ours and we work towards the same achieving the best ROI in the stipulated time.

Marketing Case Studies

We are proud of the progress we made on every single project that we have handled. Our clients too were and are extremely happy about the value that we have created for their business in terms of presence, leads, sales, and sustainable support.

Client #1

In just 3 months the website picked up for few thousands of keywords

  • Few hundreds of keywords moved to the first page and second page from nowhere
  • Zero technical errors
  • Millions of impressions per month

Client #2

This client had just 2000+ impressions per day and had a lot of issues.

In just one month of time we addressed most of the issues and this is how the impressions spiked up to 35000+, & started ranking for several thousands of keywords from few hundreds. Most of the keywords are are still second page and beyond, they all yet to make it to the first page and should happen in the next few weeks to months.

Tools We Mastered & Use !

The in depth knowledge about the tools we use is helping us to place our clients high as compared to that any of their competitors, and which are also making us the best players in the industry

Our Process For Assured Results

Have you implemented the right marketing channel for your business?

We build marketing strategies for the business those who haven’t set up their marketing laterals yet or if they are looking for someone who can redefine their marketing strategies, we will be the right choice for the following reasons,

  • Experts in building strategies for startups at a minimal budget and also to the companies who are ready to invest huge sums
  • Several years of experience working for top brands defining their marketing plan
  • 100% success rate with a very short turnaround
  • Adoption of the best marketing channels based on product category
  • Highest return on investment

From nowhere to driving millions of organic traffic to the website is your dream?

It’s all possible with a strategy in place, a small investment,, and a right person executing it. All our digital marketers have mastered building search engine optimization strategies abiding the by Google norms and by keeping themselves updated on the SEO knowledge.

why us for your website SEO?

  • No outdated implementations
  • Website ranking on the first page and first fold is assured
  • Technically website at its best to rank on search engines
  • Implementations addressing the conversion rates and user engagement

Do you want to drive leads and sales at very minimal expenses?

No worries, leave it to us, you will start seeing leads or sales happening for your business from the day one we start our marketing campaigns. We are a google partnered agency with great advantages and activities that all can be implemented on your account.

Wondering what makes us the best Performance marketing agency?

  • Deep understanding of business keywords, converting and non-converting keywords and quick action on the keywords sets us all special from any other agency around
  • Campaigns will be run only during the times when the user is ready to make a purchase
  • No wastage, we are very particular about return on investment
  • No fooling by bidding on the brand keywords, your brand keywords are your other marketing channels efforts and years of your business credibility.
  • 24 hours monitoring
  • Dedicated person working on your account
  • Transparent communication regarding the account performance

Looking for a huge fan base or Subscribers?

Social media is one of the biggest assets for an organisation and not everyone makes use of it, don’t be in that illusion or zone of underestimating the power of social media. Social media is one of the biggest revenue-driving channels for e-commerce, Travel, hospitality and a couple of other industries.

Social Media Results that you can expect from us.

  • Highly converting leads
  • Build visibility of business to a few million of audiences
  • Grow a highly converting fan base in a very quick time
  • Set up a content strategy in order to grab the attention of relevant audiences
  • Achieve max out of organic activities

The simple yet unidentified hacks/opportunities that we bring to you!

Content marketing is one of the biggest and most powerful marketing channels for many businesses! Content marketing is the only biggest channel for a few other categories of business driving highly converting leads and traffic.

Many businesses in recent times have adopted content marketing successfully and are reaping a lot at a great return on investment. Content marketing channel has surpassed all the barriers in the marketing domain and has stood out to be the most demanding implementation for businesses in recent time

How can our content marketing strategists help?

  • Lifetime traffic for free
  • Highly converting traffic
  • Traffic that positions you/your business high
  • Improve the organic performance of the website/ranking of a website for a huge number of keywords

Have you ever wondered why your website users don’t turn up?

Your profiles and their credibility on the internet matters a lot, many businesses struggle to see their traffic converting to the customer for the following reasons,

  • They don’t find any talks about your business on the internet except on your website
  • They may find people reviewing negative about you/your business
  • They may have found your rating is low
  • They don’t hear any positive talks about you/your business

Our online reputation management team makes it all happen, helps your traffic to convert by placing you high across the internet,

How can our team help you?

  • Best ratings and reviews for all the profiles on the internet
  • A strategy to get only good reviews
  • A strategy to get the negative reviews removed
  • Pitching high about you/your business on credible portals

Our Expertise is not just limited to one Niche

We are the only agency who confidently say we can develop all sorts of content needed to meet digital marketing requirements and the goals they are aimed at.

FAQs 4

KandraDigital Related

Why startus prefer KandraDigital as their service provider?

Kandra as a service provider believes that they shouldn’t hype about themselves and they let their customers speak for them for the quality of services opted and this is what sets them unique from any other digital marketing service provider.

  • Startups pay more attention to the result-oriented implementations
  • Quick results
  • Transparency of services and marketing performance

And that’s what Kandra Digital is made of!

What all is covered by KandraDigital In Digital Marketing Execution?

Any ideal digital marketing engagement covers everything/anything related to digital marketing and digital portfolio of the business, but then what exactly to be covered in the service depends on the business goals, your budgets and the business category. For example, for some businesses the app store optimization may be not needed, and for some other the paid Social Media would not work at all for a B2B, for few other the Search paid may not work. The scope varies from project to project, and hence we suggest to speak to us for better understanding on this.

How much companies charge for Digital Marketing?

Every company has their own range on basis of the amount of resources they put, the expertise they have, the goal/targets to be achieved, the industry the business belongs to , and the digital marketing channels you pick from the list for your business.

Usually companies charge between INR 50000 to 200000 Lakhs on a average every month. A premium quality and results oriented agency usually charge no less than INR 1 Lakh per month.

Frequently asked question 4

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Frequently asked question 1

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Frequently asked question 3

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Frequently asked question 4

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You're in good company

KandraDigital is most preferred agency for quality services! Most of the starts ups have benefited a lot through KandraDigital strategies and unique approaches. Here is what some of our clients say about us.

I am really surprised to see the knowledge that Manjunath has got in SEO and search marketing. We could have never been to this level without Manjunath and team strategies, they all are very unique and team is very quick in delivering the volumes and I am very happy of making my choice to start digital marketing for my project with them.

I strongly recommend KandraDigital marketing agency to business owners, specially whomsoever are hunting for the best and reliable agency. We have seen great results on our project on Significantly low budget. The organic growth is amazing and we have seen 30% increase in it month on month and we are really exited to see it going that way. Applaud KandraDigital and team.

Backlink Building Services In Buraydah

Best Link Building Services in Buraydah

Hey business owner, are you searching for professional link-building companies in Buraydah? Are you unable to reach your desired results by implementing useless backlinking strategies? Don’t get stuck and stumble. Kandra Digital Link building services at Buraydah provide service through a unique approach.

If you are seeking a 100% result-oriented link-building agency in Buraydah, you are not aware that there are so many specialists around the city, and without astonishingly, it is the startup Hub, and so many professional marketers and other domain leaders are pooled over here. But there are a few best Link Building firms in Buraydah that will help you to get powerful backlinks from top authoritative sites and convert your site into an authoritative player in your industry. The tech space has been vigorously expanding in the startup Hub, and there are many Link Building companies in Buraydah that will provide good backlinking service to your website.

But in reality, they will simply buy backlinks from medium sites and link back to your blogs, and articles, which is literally against google’s policies. You must not ignore the quality of the content you create, people visit due to powerful backlinks from authoritative sites. Then how will authoritative sites link back into their site? It’s because of the super-notch content you provide to your targeted audience. Don’t get confused and wrap up too many thing in your mind.

Here at Kandra Digital Link Building firm in Buraydah, we provide comprehensive link-building services at Buraydah with the help of our expert team members. We have clients all over the globe who have transformed their business goals to the next level by getting powerful links through highly authoritative sites in the market. Through this, they have not only satisfied their investors’ souls but built valuable connections with other top players in their niche. Interesting right? This will decrease the bounce rate in your websites which will display as a top-performing site to google crawlers. Leaders literally make fast and reliable decisions to transform their organization. Book a free call to Kandra Digital link-building service providers in Buraydah to clarify your doubts.


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