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On your daily commute to work, you pass by huge billboards with quirky catchphrases that stick in your head through the day. At lunch, your food delivery package has a tagline with a nice ring to it and while you’re scrolling through social media, checking out a favourite brand page, the captions make you smile.

Tomorrow, you’ll go through the motions again, this time coming across an interesting blog about your domain and receiving a weekly scheduled newsletter in your inbox.

 All of this is possible because of content writing.

Content writing is your sales team, digital marketing team and print team all rolled into one. It refers to producing words or written matter to go on certain platforms like websites, newspapers, blogs, social media and more. The purpose of content writing varies based on the goals to be achieved. Are you looking to generate leads through your website? SEO content writing is your best bet. Or are you amassing a following on Instagram or LinkedIn? Short yet eye-catching captions are your best bet.

But finding content writers is a tough task. A good content writer is able to master all forms and genres of writing and deploy them easily. They need to match your brand tone, have good command over the language of choice and be able to rope even the most indifferent reader in a jiffy. This is where content writing agencies in Bangalore come in– the good ones have a network of skilled writers you can tap into to get your content needs met in a specific timeframe and for a price agreed upon.

What if you could foster your writing passion and get paid for it as well? If you had an infinite supply of writing jobs open to you, how much better would your freelance writing career be? We will ensure that you operate any time you need it.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the top content writing companies in Bangalore, in no particular order:

1. Upwrite

This content writing firm believes in content being informative and engaging. Upwrite offers over 100 writing solutions, from grant writing and technical writing to subtitling and even writing lyrics. They also have a forum called Write to Change, which is where writers present compelling arguments on socially and economically important matters to bring about change and knowledge transfer. Their client portfolio includes names such as Honda, Philips, Kotak and Licious.

2. Text Mercato

Text Mercato’s content writing wings are run by a team of professionals who have extensive experience in content writing of all sorts, regardless of domain, industry or writing style. Originality, creativity and being bang on trend is their forte and they use a custom-built platform to cater to content needs of clients at scale. Their expertise extends deeply into industries such as travel, technology, real estate, fashion, healthcare and finance and spans content types ranging from product descriptions and SEO articles to market reports and white papers. Their portfolio boasts of some of the biggest names in the Indian and international markets including CTrip, RedBus, FabIndia, D’Decor and Royal Bank of Scotland.

3. Coffeegraphy

With the tagline ‘brewing content’, Coffeegraphy offers more than 20 different content writing services across industries including e-commerce, real estate, IT, tourism and lifestyle. They ensure that the final copy is SEO-compliant by use of long-tail, mid-tail and head keywords at specific percentages. They cover blog writing, product descriptions SEO copywriting, even complicated e-book writing in their list of niche services. In their client portfolio are known names such as BlueStone, Act Fibernet and CouponRaja.

4. Wordplay Content

 This content writing firm aims to help their clients generate web traffic, build a brand image and maintain consumer trust in the market. They offer services ranging from copywriting and infographics design to subject matter content and business blogging. Their team has digital marketers, writers, designers and business-minded entrepreneurs who each put in their two cents in helping clients maximise their potential on the web. Their digital experience expands into the real estate, healthcare, tech and travel industries.

 5. White Panda

White Panda prides itself on delivering quality content that is produced by freelance writers in their network. Businesses can choose from pre-existing content plans that suit their needs to be assigned writers in their niche. Their in-house editing team proofreads content for plagiarism and grammatical errors and revisions are catered to if the client is unhappy. Their clients include Radisson Hotels and Resorts, Lavelle Networks, Carlson Rezidor and Mirum.

6. Sabre 

One of the older content writing agencies in Bangalore, Sabre was founded 15 years ago. Sabre is a content development company with a pool of professional writers who generate insightful and engaging content. Their branded content services make sure your brand tone is kept stable throughout the partnership and that content is delivered regularly for scheduled uploads. Their solutions include website content, case studies, white papers, infographics and presentations. Brillio, Brainshark, The Northcap University and Mobileum are some of their clients.

There are many benefits in outsourcing your content needs to content writing companies in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.

Saves money: By outsourcing content creation to dedicated providers, companies can cut costs on having an in-house team. Content writing and marketing is crucial to every business’ success but not all firms can justify the expenditure on a dedicated team.

Allows for flexibility: Once you’ve chosen your content partner, you’re free to chalk out creation plans as per your own schedule. This way, there’s no need to find work for in-house teams during off-seasons or even scrap them– it also reduces the pressure on you to develop a good content strategy with minimal resources.

Brings in the experts: Though your employees may have in-depth knowledge about the domain they work in, the chances are they may not be able to put them into crisp words that are insightful and engagement-driven. By diverting these needs to the experts in writing, you’re more likely to receive well-written content that meets your goals, be it lead generation, increasing traffic or strengthening your brand name.

Content writing agencies in Bangalore are your one-stop-shop for content of myriad types and catering to a multitude of goals. To find the right content partner, understand their pricing, deliverables and dedication and you’re all set to take the internet by storm!

Manjunath Kandra

Digital Marketing Expert, consultant, Mentor and Director of KandraDigital Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd.

KandraDigital is a premium Digital Marketing Agency and web solutions provider helping companies with their internet marketing portfolio. For Growth Hacks, Digital marketing Consulting services, Website Design & Development, Content Writing Services, Graphic Design/Logo Design services KandraDigital is the go to company for brilliant strategies & Quality Work.

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