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Build your team to build your organization and make your dreams come true!  A highly skilled team is no longer a dream when you opt for services from KandraDigital Consultants.

KandraDigital Consultants comes with vast experience in training the teams from all perspectives that help your team and organizations scale up to their full potential.

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    What do our consultants exactly do in the Corporate training program?

    We understand the flaws and weaknesses of the team and digital marketing implementations and customize the training and implementations, our training is real-time practical exposure mentorship programs at the desk, and the implementation is all data-driven.


    • Companies ROI is significantly low from their marketing implementations, and many times its negative from some of their digital channels no one in the organization is realizing this and finally goes bank rupt just because of the underskilled and unorganized marketing teams.
    • The retention rate of the digital marketing teams is significantly lower as their learning is stagnant and poorly organized.
    • Many professionally feel it's saturated considering their exposure and knowledge of the digital marketing domain.
    • The digital marketing teams are getting fired in no time due to lag of skills and not being able to project the ROI from their teams.
    • Digital marketers are bluffing  and making the business owners feel it's all going good, and a survey says at least 60% of the teams are going through the same.
    • 70% of the Digital marketing teams are working on low priorities and at the task level and never at the strategy level, and this is impacting the business goals significantly and unfortunately, the businesses notice it very late.
    • Many business owners/CEO/CMOs blindly believe their team is amazing and never get evaluated their skills and their contribution to the organizations and this is major barrier for the organizations growth.
    • A lot of digital marketers are in extreme comfort zone and are not the real contributors

    Why you should consider training your team?

    • The talented digital marketing teams play a crucial role in building the organizations digital footprints, unfortunately the low skilled digital marketing have been the barriers for the organizations growth in the recent times as they are not mature and confident when it comes to digital marketing skills and implementation, and this is postponing the organizations growth and incurs a significant loss.
    • The business is given up to competitors when you have a poorly mentored team.
    • The brilliant people underperform when there is no senior or mentor helping them to perform to their full potential, thats when companies opt KandraDigital corporate training services.
    • Your digital marketing teams needs to be updated, brushed up with the skills, needs to be exposed to the new tools and tricks that can build themselves and the organization. KandraDigital brings in innovative, advanced and result oriented strategies, which make your team to upskill and deliver in time.
    • The results from your teams implementation will grow as high as on a average of 4xt times. 
    • Your employees retention rate will increase significantly, as high as on a average of 3x times
    • We have a team of talented individuals who can 100% bring in the best of the industry knowledge and mentor your team to 100% satisfactory level

    Case Studies

    Poor talent kills your business, a very well know bus travel aggregators ad budget waste was around 1.5 - 2 MN INR per month of their total ad spend of around 15 MN INR per month and this was fixed when we audited the account and team, we fixed it and we made sure that the current teams takes care of it going forward by imparting the right knowledge, providing the checklist and training them on certain skills of data analysis-interpretation and hacks.

    A very well known professional certification companies ad wastage was around 3 MN a quarter, and it was all never realised by the performance marketer and management. Our intervention caught all the issues with the account and they were guided of working on it and we mentored the same team until it's all fixed and running smoothly in the right direction.

    For one of the training company SEO was all about backlinks and blogs and they lagged behind in every other aspect, we had to educate and mentor the team and they have increased their SEO outcome by 3 times at least at the same efforts and resources, this was really a wonder for the team ! As it was all made them to implement, achieve and enjoy the results.

    A business was simply investing on a social media at no ROI, they had to be educate to invest wisely on the channels that help their businesses grow quickly. Social media can work well for a FMCG very well and not really that well for certain industries and their marketing channel priority has to be streamlined and they are seeing a consistent growth of 30%-50% quarter on quarter.

    Is your Digital Marketing Implementation on right Direction?

    Did you ever questioned yourself on this? If so you are on the right track and your thought process to be appreciated, as this is the least focused area by many corporates where they blindly trust whatever team says and experience of the individuals.

    We help you to understand if your digital marketing is going in the right direction, we dont just identify, but we also fix them and make sure the outcome is all to the full potential.

     What exactly we do to help you to know if your digital marketing is all going good?

    • We set up the KPI and KRA’s for the teams and for the individuals in the team
    • We work on the project along with the teams as per the needs just to make sure that its all going in the right direction
    • We run through our 200+ Implementations checklist and make sure that the implementation are appropriate, as per the norms and to its best.
    • We set up the ROI measures for every single digital marketing channel and we help you to understand whats working and what not
    • We audit the avoid all the unnecessary wastage's

    Mentoring Process- How do we mentor/train?

    Our mentoring process is very unique as we bring in only the practical experience and we explain everything logically and technically, and we never leave any of their doubts open-ended. We understand helping them to clear all their doubts is the first step of their successful learning and implementation.

    Step 1

    We asses every individual and understand the skill gaps

    Step 2

    We customize the training on an individual basis

    Step 3

    We get them to work on it, we make they master it and become independent

    Step 4

    We set the KPI’s for the project or the work they perform

    Step 5

    We make sue they deliver the expected results

    Step 6

    We regularly monitor their work and results and help them to constantly improve

    Most recognised mentors at your reach

    This digital marketing training also takes care of building you from multiple perspectives and hence you will have people from various niches mentoring you on Soft skills, business skills, sales skills, and many more. 

    Manjunath Chowdary
    Marketing Director @ KandraDigital

    11+ Years experience

    Manjunath Teaches you in-depth SEO and Paid Marketing strategies at the desk! Guiding you through every step of your career in Digital Marketing.

    Manjunath is the co-founder and director of KandraDigital. Manjunath comes with immense experience in Digital Marketing and has delivered the best strategies and consulting services to many startups. Manjunath is well known for his quality digital marketing services in the network and is the most preferred and go-to person for anything related to Digital Marketing.

    • He has around 12 Years of experience in Digital Marketing
    • He can build websites and can teach you on the same
    • He can mentor you from all perspectives
    • He comes with a deep understanding of digital marketing
    • He is contributing his skills back to the industry
    • He is a Master's in Business Administration and Bachelor in Engineering
    • Manjunath has mentored around 300+ professionals at the desk
    • Speak about philosophy, skills, marketing, career, motivation, and many more.

    Nikhil Patel
    Content Marketing Expert

    10+ Years Experience

    As Digital Marketing Manager, I have led my team to achieve ambitious revenue growth and increase market share goals while evolving brands to reflect their strengths and expanded ambitions.

    • Conceiving, developing and executing strategies that drive Content Marketing, Content Development, SEO Optimization, Content Analysis & Data Interpretation, and Digital Marketing, is what I do best.
    • Throughout my career, I have successfully trained talent to manage complex business functions/initiatives and achieved exceptional results, some of which include:
    • Leveraging success in increasing organic traffic by 10 times with the help of generated content
    • Spearhead the entire gamut of content from creation to execution including production & creative scheduling across all digital and social platforms
    • Effectively execute measurable marketing strategies that realize revenue goals and enhance awareness by showcasing the brand in the most differentiated ways
    • Team-based involvement and management style coupled with the zeal to drive visions into reality

    I focus on training you to strengthen your existing marketing skills, driving an aggressive policy of revenue growth, and upholding strong marketing and performance standards. 

    Kiran Kumar
    Marketing Director @ ICWW

    12+ Years Experience

    Introduces you to the what and how of digital marketing

    Kiran Kumar is a seasonal digital marketer and comes with a very vast experience in everything related to digital marketing, he teaches you from scratch about the online presence starting from,

      • Building websites on Woo-commerce, Shopify, and many other platforms
      • and Setting up the logistics integration
      • E-commerce product and stock management
      • Optimization of the products for conversions
      • Implementation of digital marketing
      • He teaches you everything that's needed to set up a business end to end.
      • Kiran is heading digital marketing teams and provides consulting services to build the businesses' online presence, he is also an expert in streamlining business strategies and their processes.
      • He teaches you an enormous number of tactics to help you to succeed in your digital marketing role.

    Social Media Expert

    Company Name

    Hema is a passionate Digital Marketer. Her core expertise lies in SEO, social media marketing, and Paid Media marketing especially in Google Ads and LinkedIn. Hem can help you with,

    • Search engine optimization
    • Market research and analysis
    • Social media planning
    • Campaign plan and execution
    • Optimize website, social channels, and paid campaigns
    • Content Strategy
    • Explore marketing strategies and trends
    • We are here to help you get started with your career in Digital Marketing. Come join us!

    Skills that you learn in our program

    Kandra Digital doesn't just teach you the tools, you get to learn everything that's needed to compete with the experienced professionals in the market. You are going to win and enjoy every day of your career ahead.

    Marketing Skills to evolve as a great marketer

    • Selling Skills
    • Marketing Skills
    • SEO Skills
    • Content Marketing Skills
    • SEM Skills (Adwords/Paid Marketing)
    • Social Media Skills
    • Impactful marketing
    • Tactical Marketing
    • Influential/Influencer Marketing
    • Reputation Management
    • Outreach Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • Copywriting Skills

    Working skills you own for a lifetime

    • Presentation Skills
    • Excel in-depth needed for digital marketing
    • Data Analysis & Interpretation
    • Budgeting
    • Marketing plan
    • Outreach skills
    • Selling strategies
    • Soft Skills
    • Team Work
    • Leadership Skills
    • Research Skills
    • Website Audit
    • Marketing Campaigns Audit
    • UI/UX from a marketing standpoint

    Tools You will be mastering

    Google Tools
    • Search Console (Google & Bing), Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Tag Manager, Google Insights, Google Speed Test, Google Testing Tools, and many more
    Technical Audit
    • IIS crawler, Screamingfrog, GTmetrix, Pingdom Tools, 
    Ads Management
    • FaceBook ads, LinkedIn ads, Quora Ads, Twitter Ads, Youtube Ads, Google Ads platforms, Bing Ads, and many more.
    • Copyscape, Buzzsumo, Grammarly, 
    Traffic & Link Analysis
    • Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, MajesticSEO, MOZ, Spyfu, & more
    Design Tools
    • Canva, FreePick
    • +50 more

    Individuals/Group Training & Placement Options ( Non Corporate Trainings) 

    Explore the best training option as per your need, here are some quick suggestions from our experts

    • Virtual Training: Most suitable for business owners, students, working professionals, and housewives who cannot make it to the physical classroom.
    • Classroom Training: Most suitable for business owners, students, working professionals, and housewives who can make it to the physical classroom. A few understand and learn better in the physical environment.
    • Internship Certificate + Stipend+ Placement - Most suitable for someone planning to make a long-term career in digital marketing and expects to learn all of it by doing, working on real-time projects, and exposure to the work culture. In this program for the training period, you will earn an internship certificate and if you opt internship you will be earning the experience certificate for 1 Year and the salary slips.
    • Experience Certificate + Job + Salary+ Placement - Most suitable for someone planning to make a career with a very strong base in Digital Marketing and aiming for leadership roles in the career. You will be on Job from day 1 when you register for this training program and you will be paid a salary from day 1. ( T&C applies, you will be assessed for the suitability of digital marketing career)






    Course Fee

    Virtual Training


    40-60 Hrs



    Course Completion Certificate

    20000 INR

    I'M Interested
    Physical Classroom

    Physical Classroom

    40-60 Hrs



    Course Completion Certificate

    30000 INR

    I'M Interested
    Internship Certificate

    At the desk

    6 Hrs every day/130+ days

    Candidate Choice

    100% Assured

    Internship /Experience Certificate + Placement

    50000 INR

    I'M Interested

    At the desk

    6+ Hrs Everyday/300+ days

    stipend/Salary day 1.

    Placed From Day 1

    Experience Certificate + Salary Slips + Placement

    0 INR ( Free)

    I'M Interested
    Virtual Training

    Delivery Mode: Zoom

    Duration: 40-60 Hrs

    Stipend/Salary: No

    Placement: Assistance

    Fee: 20000 INR

    I'M Interested
    Physical Classroom

    Delivery Mode: Physical Classroom

    Duration: 40-60 Hrs

    Stipend/Salary: No

    Placement: Assistance

    Fee: 30000 INR

    I'M Interested
    Internship Certificate

    Delivery Mode: At the desk

    Duration: 6 Hrs every day/130+ days

    Stipend: Yes

    Placement: 100% Assured

    Fee: 50000 INR

    I'M Interested

    Delivery Mode: At the desk

    Duration: 6+ Hrs Everyday/300+ days

    Salary: Yes

    Placed From Day 1

    Fee: 70000 INR

    I'M Interested

    Digital Marketing Jobs & Recruitment

    • Kandra Digital takes care of the placement for all of the candidates part of the programs
    • Kandra ensures that the trainees who have one year of experience in digital marketing would be recruited at the industry standard CTCs,
    • Kandra Digital is already working with many corporates providing Digital marketing services, recruitment, and consulting programs; hence, there is a well-established portfolio.
    • Kandra Digital also recruits employees internally.

    Working professional/Students?

    We are very well known for quality digital marketing training, we are the first choice for everyone when they decide to make a digital marketing career.

    If you are a working professional or student and want to learn the skill we have better options for you, register here! Or speak to our placement advisor!

    [MEC id="5335"]
    You can let us know your preferred dates here! Let us know

    Not happy about your skills in your current role?

    If you are already working as a digital marketer register for our salaried training program. We will build you from all perspectives and help you to get on a lead role in your career.


    Highlights About Training

    • Your trainers/mentors are well-known digital marketers, who can build you strong in the domain 
    • 100% placement with one-year experience certificate 
    • Training only 20-40 candidates in 6th months
    • You will be at least 10-20 times better than any person getting trained by a normal institute
    • You will be thought life skills not just digital marketing, which will enable you to survive and lead a life in any kind of work culture
    • Massive and real-time projects with exposure to clients and their workplaces
    • Rigorous practice on every single channel at least for a month
    • Learning in an office/work culture and not in a training room, so that you learn many more skills needed at the workplace
    • Will be Thought all skills needed to be a great digital marketer

    Who Can Apply?

    • Anybody with a degree or master's degree can take part in this program since our program objective is to provide an opportunity to talented candidates who are struggling for an opportunity.
    • Candidate's ages shouldn’t be beyond 25 years
    • No marks/passing attempts criteria, even people with backlogs can apply for this
    • Candidates from any part of the country can apply for this
    • Already working professionals can also register for the salaried training program.
    Eligible? Register Now!

    Digital Marketing Salaries

    • The below-mentioned salaries are as per the industry standards and we have come across the same slabs in the companies we have/are worked or were associated with.
    • There are many companies that don’t even understand the power of digital marketing and they always end up hiring low-profile people who just would have taken certificates from the training institutes with very minimal hands-on experience.

    Digital Marketing Professional's Salaries








    Rs. 1.8lac- 4.8 lac




    Rs. 4.2lac- 6lac




    Rs. 6lac- 8.6lac




    Rs. 8.6lac- 12lac




    Rs. 12lac- 18lac




    Rs. 18lac- 36lac

    Digital Marketing Analyst

    Digital Marketing Specialist/Expert

    Digital Marketing Team Lead/Asst Manager

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Digital Marketing Strategist

    Chief Marketing officer

    Product Companies

    • Dailyhunt
    • Paytm
    • Razorpay
    • Mobikwik
    • RedBus

    Service Based

    • Accenture
    • CTS
    • Paytm
    • Razorpay
    • Mobikwik


    • HiveMinds
    • Nexevo
    • KandraDigital
    • Mobikwik
    • RedBus


    Kandra Digital Vs Other Digital Marketing Training Institute

    We know it takes decades to master something great if someone has to invest just one hour a day and the rest of the day do something else, hence we do a rigorous training program where the individual will be taught and built from multiple perspectives not just Digital Marketing in just 6 months of time. 

    We believe the mind and soul have to constantly work every day if they are aiming to master the domain and lead the mediocre world, we aim at building the leader, not the slaves!

    Key Considerations

    Other Institutes

    KandraDigital Institute


    Training First and Just Job Assistance

    Placement First Training Next


    No Exposure to real-time projects, they create dummy profiles/accounts and call it practical.

    On Real projects full time. No Dummy projects and accounts

    Ads Budget

    Ask you to spend on your own. Or give an ad credit of Rs 500 

    Work on several lakhs budget. Realtime actual campaigns of real projects throughout your learning period.


    are Just trainers who possess theoretical knowledge and limited work knowledge. Or just give the theory.

    Working Experts who have several years of experience are always along with you guiding and leading you in everything you do.

    Training Mode

    Treated as kids, and thought on the projector or board. Many others ask you to work on Dummy profiles for an hour while you are at their institute.

    At the desk, real work culture exposure Building the real working professional. We make you think day and night of the skills you work on, we make you fall in love with Digital Marketing Skills.


    Just an Hour a Day from one month to 3 months usually and in case of some institutes its 6 months, just an hour a day.

    • You are on Job Already.
    • You learn several hours a day continuously for 6-12 months.

    For Whom/Suitability

    • For Working professionals
    • Learning it as a hobby
    • Learning to earn from home as a freelancer
    • For someone who has no idea about KandraDigital program
    • Serious career Builders/Job seekers
    • Someone serious about learning the right digital marketing skills
    • For people struggling to get a job
    • For whom time is precious

    Job Guarantee

    Just is assisted by many institutes in resume building or letting you know about openings. A few assure you after the training and later blame you for not being able to clear the interview, a lot of conditions come in later.

    You are placed and trained. You need not worry at all about your job throughout your career.

    Expertise Level

    • You will start attending interviews after training completion. If you are lucky you might get a chance to attend 1 or 2 interviews, otherwise, you continue to struggle for the job.
    • You are just a student/participant and have yet to start your career.

    Proud and confident Digital Market by the time you finish the program.


    Student and yet to turn into a professional after starting in a role with the organization once you get placed.

    You are a professional from day one


    You are just an under skilled trainee from the institute, you might be considered only if you are exceptionally good to grab their attention and clear the interview.

    You are the first preference for companies as you have real-time work experience and you are considered an employee to hire. 

    What do you get by end of the program?

    Free certificates from the respective platforms like Google, Facebook, Hubspot, etc. Without knowledge, just certificates are of no value and the world knows it. You don’t need to pay any institute to get these, you can get them on your own by signing up on your respective platforms and taking tests there.

    Salary slips, Experience Certificate, and relieving letter


    Age is an old and outdated set of practices thought regardless of the real-time need of the market.

    Literally, everything that's released in the market and necessary including the algorithm updates, the new norms, new platforms, the new changes, etc


    are Just a temporary subscription to tools and data. Mostly free tools and subscriptions

    You use all the tools an agency uses to execute digital marketing to its full potential. Tools will be accessible 24/7/complete training duration.

    Training Fee

    Charge per month INR 25000 to INR 75000

    Charge just 4K-5K per month + INR 15K-20K paid as a stipend to you every month. So you manage your learning with minimal dependencies and focus completely in learning.


    Program Specific

    What all benefits do I get on completion of this program?

    You will get the following benefits,

    1. You will be equivalent to 3-5 year experienced professional on completion of this program
    2. You will get a 1-year experience certificate
    3. You will get the pay slips and PF account
    4. You would have made a salary of 2.4 lakhs at least by end of the program
    5. You will get placed in the best companies by KandraDigital at a salary of between 3.6 lac to 4.2 lac.

    You don’t get any of these when you opt for the training program from any of the normal training institutes in the market.

    How many trainers will be teaching us in this program?

    We have at least 6+ trainers mentoring you on various topics, skills and tools needed for you to build a very successful and strong career in digital marketing.

    Do trainers have practical experience?

    Yes, all your trainers are working on real-time projects and will make you work on real-time projects. Every trainer you work with comes with at least ten years of experience. You would also meet trainers of experience more than 20-30 years of experience, and the lowest experience of your trainer will be around 5-6 years of experience.

    I want to see myself as a very good digital marketer, can I get one on one training?

    Every individual in this program gets a one on one training; everybody will be mentored to become the best marketer and have a promising career. One need not worry about it, and it's our responsibility to build you from all perspectives.

    Does this program allow me to work on everything? I want to build my self from all the perspectives

    You are under strict conditions to work on everything regardless of your likes, comfort zones, and skills. The main goal is to build you from all perspectives; we make you learn everything, our immediate plan.

    Can I opt this program for longer duration just if I want to be?

    Yes you can with prior approval and valid reasons, for example, the following can be considered,

    1. In case you are not very confident about your skills or knowledge and expect to learn more with the experienced team
    2. In case you don’t like the company we find a job for you
    3. In case you don’t prefer to relocate immediately and want to extend
    4. If you have your friends/peers and are willing to exit along with that batch.


    I am eligible If I have backlogs in my academics?

    We don’t care about it until and unless you fail to fill our criteria for clearing the preliminary test. Our main goal is to build a career for the one who is rejected by the on-campus criteria, the one who has backlogs, and people with lesser opportunities to get into the IT industry on our on-campus

    I am a housewife can I join this program?

    Anybody can join this program if they are meeting the basic requirements for this program. Just that one has to make sure that they are available full-time. If you are looking for a one-hour or two-hour training program, you must opt for a different training program from KandraDigital. Please speak to our placement and training advisor and understand which program suits you must best.

    How do I know If I am eligible for this program?

    Our experts will assess the eligibility, and if you fulfill the eligibility, you are in. If you are not eligible, don’t worry w. We still have something suitable. Our main goal is to help as many people as possible with digital marketing knowledge and build their careers in their respective fields.

    You can reach out to us at r at +918296494941

    Can I refer my friend and family members to this program?

    Yes, you can always refer. We still assess them from the company's standard process and norma, and l will be put into the respective programs based on their fit. company's

    Can I join this program from Hyderabad?

    Currently, we have the institutes only in Bangalore and hence you may have to relocate to be part of this program. We are working on our expansion to various other cities and we shall keep you all notified once we start our branches at various other locations.


    How is this training program better than any other training programs?

    When you register for a training program, the global norm is that they charge you and help you acquire some knowledge about the domain and assist you in getting the job, but in this case, you get paid from day one. You will be learning the subject at the desk on the live projects. By ending the training period, you also get payslips, an experience certificate, and a decent-paying job in one of the best companies. 

    Why is KandraDigital charging so less training fee despite paying the trainee from day one?

    KandraDigital intends to build an intended career for the college passed out and freshers struggling to make the right career in digital marketing. This being the core objective, KandaDigital charges only the nominal maintenance fee; Kandra Digital doesn’t want to make money from the candidates as Kandra Digital has a different revenue model from regular training companies.

    Can I pay the fee in installment?

    Yes, you are allowed to pay on installments only after going through the concerns and feasibility from the management side.

    Do you also train us on other skills apart from Digital Marketing?

    Yes, you will be trained on various other skills which will enable you to cope with any kind of situation in your career if you will also be assisted on a personal basis based on your weaknesses and strengths. also, be

    What If I couldn’t continue this program for some unexpected and unavoidable reasons?

    You can quit with others prior notice of at least one month. Our suggestion is don’t opt for this program as you will be killing the opportunities, other if you do so, instead you can pick a short-term course if you are not clear about your steps

    How long is the short term training program?

    Usually between 3 months to 6 months and it depends on the number of hours you opt in per day. These programs are super good options for working professionals, students, housewives, and someone who can’t spare their full time in training.

    Can I quit in between in case of any good offers?

    Yes, you can, but not after the 3rd month of the program. You can quit any time before the 3rd month; if you want to quit the program in later months, you need to provide a valid explanation, proof, etc.; if you fail to do so, a penalty will be imposed, and you will not get any pay slips, experience letters, etc.

    Do I have to carry my laptop? What if I don’t have one

    Yes, it would help if you got your laptop to be part of this program. If you don’t have a laptop or don’t prefer to use your laptop, you can use  KandraDigitals laptop by paying a refundable deposit of 25000 INR. On the return of the la, top the 100% amount will be refunded.,

    1 review for Corporate Digital Marketing Training

    1. Ashish

      Our team are all freshers and mid-level with limited exposure to the core digital marketing skills and hence we opted for services from Manjunath, he is super good with his domain and trains people on every skill that’s needed for the system to run effectively our teams performance improved significantly ad over results from digital marketing team also improved by 3 times at least. Thanks Manjunath.
      I wish you all the best.

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