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The hunt for the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore is increasing as business owners desperately need the best companies who can deliver results and quality services to them and this has given more opportunities to the best companies. On the other hand, there is a large content of information on the internet that is misleading the business owners.

Here are some facts that business owners should compulsorily know!

  1. There are tons of paid content marketers who develop any type of content for their commercial benefits.
  2. The agencies mentioned as the best in their article/list may not necessarily be the best.
  3. People write content without any apparent evidence or proof to mention them as the best digital marketing agency/agencies and a multi-city or handling too many projects doesn’t make it best.
  4. People use certification/partnership as the USP, which is of trivial importance.
  5. Don’t be deceived by the certification and other jargons played by these agencies. In fact, owning a certification is much easier for them.
  6. Getting a website/agency listed on news/PR as the best agency, or top agency is very easy for digital marketing agencies, If the reference for you serves to consider them as the best agency then you are taking a wrong step.
  7. Don’t be biased by the reviews, most of the times it’s just a part of their online reputation management strategy.

The following never makes an agency competent:

You’re being disillusioned, there’s a lot than what meets the eye.

1. Global presence

A global presence of digital marketing agency means that they have partnerships with many other companies or have lots of money to invest in it to portray as a global brand. Global presence doesn’t assure the same quality as what’s happening in other countries, they are just making the use of the brand name to sell their services. It’ a foul play and often times audiences are the victims.

2. Presence in too many cities

This is the same strategy as in the global presence’s case. Many agencies just own a physical space/address to portray that they operate in multiple cities.

3. Delivering all kinds of services

It’s a good aspect if a company is delivering all of the services meeting your expectations, but there are many agencies that just fool around and give absolutely nothing.

4. Early start in the category

Early start of digital marketing companies can never be a USP until the quality and target coincide.

5. Handling many clients

I personally know a lot of people who handle too many clients just because they are good at networking and usually get the projects signed through the influence of network. Therefore, handling many clients does not necessarily bring out the best in them.

6. Handling the big brands

This is similar to point 5, just because they are already dealing with some brand they get an opportunity to work with another popular brand. The first account was just a network influence and I, personally cannot fathom so as to how business owners gets influenced by this. You usually end up paying more to agencies as service fee with the same kind of result which you would see by implementing the in-house strategies.

7. Headcount of the employees

As a business owner of “X” business, you will never come to know how digital marketing business function, how every activities are accomplished. There are a number of agencies which have employees working on data mining, or creative work, or content writing or something else, so you still want to consider the headcount.

8. Revenue

Considering the point 7, the revenues would definitely sound intriguing.

9. Certifications

Google to encourage their paid platform usage it has initiated the Google certifications, which doesn’t assure any kind of knowledge or intelligence for several reasons,

  • The test is most of the times about tools
  • There is no technical stuff involved, which is a crucial skill in digital marketing.
  • The marketing knowledge is not gauged in this test, this is all about a tool. A “tool” knowledge doesn’t make a personal a pro at digital marketing, also this is only related to Paid Ads, not anything apart from it.
  • The test is open and anybody can take it any time, even a group of people helping the other person can take the test.

10. Partnerships

Google Partnership? Don’t be deceived by this, as Google calls any agency or an individual as a partner if they are working on Google AdWords and for those individuals who have taken the online tests related to Google ads.

Ergo, we suggest you to not to be deceived by being biased about any of the above-mentioned facts.

Then, what kind of agencies can be called as the best?

Best digital marketing agencies are the one with the best digital marketing professionals working with them.

  • It is always easier to figure out the performance of the product with the available details/specification, but it becomes tedious to gauge when it comes to services especially if you do not know about the individual/team working on your project.
  • Agencies with a great process
    • In many cases, it’s proved that the service companies fail in delivering due to their poor process. A company with the great process can be the best go-to agency for business owners.
  • Agencies which are result oriented
    • Agencies cannot keep providing lame excuses for not achieving the targets and in many cases, there won’t be any sign of progress.
  • Agencies that meet deadlines/targets as expected
    • The track record of agency in achieving the results on all the accounts they deal with proves their capabilities and its very crucial for business owners to pick such service provider company.
  • Agencies accept that they expertise in one specific thing and they take up only that work.
    • No agency is perfect, as it all depends on the people who work and hard working people cannot be brought in by investing more.
    • Good machinery can be bought by investing more but not people, as many times it becomes difficult in identifying such people.

But, how do we figure out all these even before the services are opted from agencies? It can be easy if you follow an approach as discussed below:

Ways to find out the best digital marketing agencies:

Solution 1: Speak to other business owners who are already opting for services from them

Solution 2: Know about the person/team handling your project

Solution 3: Interview the person who handles your project, if you think you are not competent for the job, involve a consultant who can compute these professionals or agencies capabilities

If you happen to know of an agency that is genuinely trustworthy and brilliant in every sphere, kindly do let us Know here, we shall publish these survey details soon for business owner’s convenience.

If you happen to know of an agency that is genuinely trustworthy and brilliant in every sphere, kindly reach us, we shall publish these survey details soon for business owner’s convenience.

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