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  • Marketing content writing– Content has to be written from the marketing perspective, the person who is writing articles should possess marketing knowledge.
  • Marketing is easy when a person has got an adequate knowledge about the product and is serving it to the end user with the focus on objectives

  • Content promotion– Promotion of content to the relevant audience groups

Marketing content writing:

Is purely dependent on the objectives, below are some of the objectives for which the content will be usually developed for.

Objective of writing articles/ Benefits of content marketing

Any content written without objective/purpose can never add value to the writing. A person developing the content should bare in mind the following,

Articles/blog content is published with the following objectives,

  • To attract the audience who can show interest in purchasing the product/services provided, mostly targeting the information based searches on the web.
    • Understanding the audience is easy when you understand the product/service thoroughly, E.g.: Jewellery, usually interest’s woman and your target audience can be women.
    • The simple approach in understanding the audience is by targeting the searches related to your product or business. E.g.: Your product is mobile phone and someone searching as “best mobile phones of the year” or ‘Android vs. IOS” could be your target audience.
  • To cross sell a product/service through content
    • The other primary objective of your content is to cross sell a product, let’s assume you have an article written about the OS comparison Android Vs. IOs, and in this article you have to pitch both the device types, and in between the article content you can come up with the marketing purpose as follows:

“If you love Android features you can explore the most sold android devices of the year from Here. Flipkart is providing huge discounts on Android phones, use the code- fpandroid30”

  • To bring in large amounts of traffic to the website
    • Can happen only by writing in demand topics and optimizing for all the searches related to it.
    • Promoting content across internet, which is expected to happen naturally by it’s quality and engaging writing.
  • To get more subscribers for blog/newsletters
    • Subscription happens only when the content is engaging
  • To make website content fresh, so that organic performance of the website improves
    • Any content with the internet in demand search terms are crawled often by the bots to update the Google server and hence naturally the crawl frequency and crawl rate of the website will be improved with regular update of content to the website
  • Repository for the consumers
    • A quality engagement of your brand with the relevant audience groups is highly important and hence you have to develop lots of content for your audiences, so that they maintain a loyal and genuine relationship with your brand.
  • Branding through content
    • Content is the easiest way of reaching your audiences it also does a very positive communication in promoting your products/services to the users.
  • Articles help marketing team by making their marketing/promotional activities easier (Simplifying the marketing)
    • G: A father can proudly speak about their children only when their children posses great qualities/traits, so here good qualities gave an opportunity to the parents to speak. Same way the content you develop helps marketing teams to promote their products or they always make noise through content you develop or with your support. So it’s very crucial to have an interesting content

If your content is not serving any of the purpose you cannot be a good web/marketing content writer.

Your content can be more appealing to readers only when you posses knowledge on the following:

  • Picking right topic/topic in demand or can be a interesting one to end users
    • Your effort of speaking something that’s not so important to your end user would go in vain. You have to always speak the topics that are very interesting to your end users or at least they should show lots of interest in being engaged with your content
  • Right terms which people are using to find your content
    • It’s obvious that the content you publish should also be reaching the right audiences and it happens only when your incorporate those keywords in your content, you might have to highlight those terms in your content and hence you cannot deny using the appropriate terms usage in your content
  • Serving exactly the same thing what user is looking for
    • Your audiences visit your website hoping that they can find what they are looking for and in case if they don’t find it or face difficulty in finding it they just quit and they don’t prefer visiting your website again if the are really disappointed.
  • Right call to actions
    • Its very crucial to help or create comfort to the user by guiding them to to appropriate piece of content or action, so that the purpose of both is served.
    • More over users when they are engaged in going through your page they forget their core purpose and hence its crucial to help them achieve their objective.
  • Right call out statements
    • Many times despite you being a good brand, the prices of product/service are affordable, and users are also in need of it, but fail to take the action, as there is not enough boost/provoking the customer to take the action. The callout statements help users in deciding or taking final call, which will again happen only when you have unique selling points.
      • Eg: lets say “x” person want to purchase a mobile phone and he has two options in front of him at the same price, same delivery date, same discount, same camera and more, and in this cases he will be in confusion as which one to buy, but the moment you list out the differences (3 days battery life) of your product it becomes easy for customer to make decisions and he would show purchasing your product.
      • The product features/specifications are not the only call out statements, it can be any statement that helps decision making easy. E.G:
        • For the last 10 years in the industry
        • 2000+ happy customers
        • 24/7 support
        • Presence in multiple countries
        • We are the only registered/approved providers
      • Proper summarization of content through charts, and tables
        • This is not compulsory, but when you are dealing with complex data or numbers tables and charts simplify it and help your audiences to understand easily.
      • Proper alignment & formatting of the content
        • This is not necessarily from design perspective, includes formatting in such a way where users can pay attention to the main points easily and also can read all of the content flawlessly.
      • Links to right references such as info websites, business pages, relevant articles, videos, images and more
        • There are users who would need further references to understand more the topics you are discussing and sometimes that could be more interesting to the user.
          • This will help improving the user metrics such as bounce rate, time spent and pages viewed if they are all internal links.
        • Appropriate elements incorporation such as images, gifs, video, info graphs and more
          • Some of your users don’t prefer reading content always and especially when its lengthy they just need a quick glimpse of it and still understand the concept and that when infographics, images, videos and gifs can help user.
        • No direct selling, everything should sound as if you are doing favour to customer
          • Content marketing main objective is to be genuine and to serve user with the information they are looking for and any approaching in selling the product/service would not work.
  • Sense of humour
    • This might be needed based on your topic, your content length, type of audiences reading, and more. You don’t have to unnecessarily add any kind of humour until and unless you feel its presence is really needed.
  • Quotes
    • Sometimes what you want to convey can be better expressed by the quotes. Quotes create a significant impact when you have to convey things better, inspire, provoking and more and many times just having a quote at the right instance would make the content more trust worthy and develops an emotional connect between your content and reader.
  • Screen shots instead of animated images
    • The screen shot always connects people better when compared to animated images. Animated images can be issued when you have something or a though to be explained for which the images/screen shots cannot be found easily, otherwise always avoid animated images.
  • Good vocabulary and grammar
  • Statements creating interest/curiosity
  • Few basic things from SEO & better writing perspective
    • Write content using the terms which are most used by the users


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