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The ROI-driven Google ads Management company delivers premium quality Conversions (leads and sales) at optimal costs. Zero Wastage and Highest returns. The only ROI-based Google ads management firm.

Place the website on top of the Google and Bing search engines, be available for all the potential and relevant search audiences, and pay only for conversions or traffic of your choice. 

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20 MN+

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ROI Driven Strategies

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Performance Monitoring

Education Company

An education company selling high ticket price products from USA and their target audiences are also USA, they used to spend and had no clue about the conversions and the outcome/ROI, we just didn't drive the business sales and leads but also helped them to know how and what.

Electronics Manufacturer

An high ticket price electronic product seller company started from zero, they had no clue if they should be investing on Google ads. We structured it, build and optimised it for them. The contribution from the Google ads campaign is significant for them and they are planning to expand as the ROI is also impressive.

Why Google Ads?

Google is top search engine thats been most used by the internet surfers to quickly search and find what they are looking for and this being the reason it becomes very crucial for businesses being available to the right audiences and for the searches on the Google search engine or the Bing search engine. The beautiful part is Google allows the businesses to make their presence by taking part of the auction using the Google ads platform.

Google Ads allows the businesses to, 

  • Place the website on top of Google through paid marketing
  • Tap in the user’s searches click on the ad’s on Google & drive leads/sales
  • A paid slot takes up at least 20-30% of the market search and not being available would be a missed opportunity by at least 8-10% of the business
  • Generate leads/sales at the lowest possible spend
  • Build awareness about the products/services by targeting the audience of their choice or relevant to their businesses.

Advantages of Google Paid Ads

There are very good reasons why businesses should use Google ads, there are a lot of businesses using Google ads and making significant progress in their businesses.In the high competitive internet world acquiring more audiences from various sources as much possible help the businesses to scale and to lead to success. 

Here are some good reasons that should help you with some advantages,

  • Many businesses to survive on the initial phase opt for the search pay per click
  • More customer’s acquisition. 
  • SEM drives lots of visitor to your website from day one and brings sales/leads of high quality.
  • Outstanding visibility
  • Gets better insight on the market and helps for data driven approaches
  • Supports and sustains the organisations process and business overall

What does our PPC Management services cover?

Our PPC management services are extensive and cover everything thats needed for the business, we work on all the available features on the Google Ads platforms from time to time, such as the Display Marketing, Search marketing, Remarketing, Google Shopping ads, Youtube ads, Google search partners and Google display network as per the necessity and the ROI for the business.

  1. Market research, CPC analysis, search patterns and plan the budgets and estimate of Cost per conversion
  2. Account Set Up
  3. Restructuring of existing account
  4. Audit of the account
  5. Account Expansion
  6. Hygiene issue fixture
  7. Improve the quality of leads
  8. Improve the Keyword performance or Quality scores
  9. Improve Ad's
  10. Landing pages suggestions/improvising
  11. Market Analysis through paid campaigns
  12. Insights about the competitors activities and Competitors analysis
  13. All basic updates or fixes on account
  14. Detailed reports on Geo performance
  15. Detailed reports on time based performance
  16. Account level & ad group level Negative keywords
  17. Remarketing
  18. Display Ad's
  19. Product listing Ad's
  20. Report Automation and more

Case studies of how we helped companies to avoid wastage

  • The intelligence we bring in and the efforts from our team could save you as much as 30-40% of your ad spend wastage
  • Improves the conversion rates significantly
  • The cost per conversion will also come down and will be the optimal price.

Here are some examples of how we helped some of the businesses in fixing their ad waste, improving their conversion rates and the cost per conversion.

An education companies wastage of around 30% every month was identified and fixed

The education company was investing few tens of Lakhs every month without even knowing about the obsolete wastage and our team was effective in identifying and fixed it, the same has helped the business to increase their sales by 30% rto 40%, which is significant revenue for the education industries.

The Google Ads account optimization saved the ad wastage as much as 2 MN to 4 MN a month for this travel aggregator.

One of the biggest travel aggregator invests a very huge amount ever month somewhere between 11MN to 20 MN and month of this total spend there was a ad spend wastage of around 25% to 30% of their total spend, and this was never identified until we caught and optimized the account. 

A company that doesn’t know where and how they are spending on Google Ads!

This is another scenario where their inhouse teams never knew how to measure the outcome of Google ads, how to track the conversions on the website, what kind of keyword work and which doesn’t work, they were not able to scale up since very long time and the business was stuck. The moment they hired our consulting services the game changed, today the company is competing with the biggest players in the industry and they have very goo insights about every single penny they are spending.

Google Ads Management KPI’s

Google ads tool is easy to use, but then delivering the results needs marketing knowledge, the domain knowledge, the data analysis, interpretation and action on basis of data, the time to the project, the hardwork and brilliant strategies.

Anybody can claim to be as a PPC expert, but then the real measure of their contribution is the measure of the success on the project and we will help you out how to measure the success on Google ads from time to time throughout the engagement.

Primary KPI’s for the business

  • Highest ROI
  • Zero wastage
  • Lowest cost per conversion
  • Bringing down the cost per lead/conversion month on month
  • Bring down the CPC’s month on month
  • Highest quality Leads

Secondary KPIs

  • Lowest CPC
  • Highest CTR
  • Highest Ad Score/Relevancy
  • 100% Relevant Traffic
  • Month on month growth in leads
  • Zero irrelevant clicks

Insights on type of ads for your business!

Must Watch Video For Business Owners

Watch the video to understand more!

Don’t ever invest in Google ads immediately when you decide to market your business on your own or if you are in the initial stages of your business until you make sure you are ready and it's all set to invest in Google ads. A lot of business owners want to invest in Google ads, just because someone must have told Google ads to work well for their business but then they never consider when and how to invest. This video focuses on explaining the right time to invest in google ads and what to be considered before a business launched Google ads. The checklist below shows helps business owners to make wise decisions in investing in Google ads.

What kind of businesses should Opt for Google Ad Services? And when to start?

Google ads may not work effectively for all the businesses considering their product category, the current state of the website etc, and hence the business owners have to be very careful in deciding if they should launch the ad campaigns for their business or not. Seeking an expert advice on the following

  • What will be the cost per Acquisiton?
  • What is the cost per click?
  • What is the industry standard conversion rate for the products of my niche?
  • When is the best time to start the Google ads for the business?

will help the business owners to make a wise decision about the ppc management for their business.

How to use the calculator?

  • This calculator allows you to edit the CPC and conversion rates and as you change the details the final cost per conversion will calculated in the column “H”
  • Make sure the Column “F” data or numbers always has % mention in it.

Calculate the cost per lead/Acquisition with the CPC & Conversion Rate Inputs.

Add On as an Advantage when you opt for services from us!

The special services and the add-on services are rare to find for when you opt for services from other website designing firms. When you opt the services from us we bring complete 360-degree solutions, in the usual case you might have to spend several millions and months of time to fix/implement the same.

Completely optimised for search engines.

You don’t need to work on the SEO of your website, as you get it all optimised when you opt for services from us. We have a strong SEO team that makes it easy for businesses to scale it up.

Market Ready websites

A market-ready website comes with all the marketing and tracking pixels in place, so you can start your marketing campaigns immediately as we deliver the project to you. A market ready also means taking care of the content needed for your best to meet the business goals.

Performance is taken care of

The web vitals play a crucial role in business success, so we take extreme care in having these vitals in place, and we try to design and develop that website bearing these in mind.

The Selling Content

Your website and each of the web pages on the website will act as a sales agent, where the web pages will have all the necessary information needed and the selling elements that naturally improve your business conversions and conversion rates.

Necessary features needed

As a well-known web development agency and experience delivering over 200+ projects we understand certain features needed and their importance for the business apart from the list you provide and regardless of the inclusion from your side. We know it's all needed to make life easy and avoid monotonous work and manpower.

Creatives and Videos

The creatives and the videos are crucial in developing the website,, and having the best and most relevant is what makes the business stand out from all the competitors.

The Most Economical Packages

Blog/Content Portals



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Small Static Website



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Custom Requirements



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Kandra Digital Vs Other Web Designing Companies

KandraDigital is the first choice when it comes to web design services for many businesses, as KandraDigital's web design team never compromises on quality, scalability, trending technologies, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction.

Key Considerations

Other Companies



No Standards maintained, and charge as per the client We are economical, treat all the clients and maintain transparency


 Depends Our main goal is quality and work towards that and until client acknowledges they are satisfied

Timely Delivery

Many fail to meet the expectations We assure you, and we are 99% success rate in delivering on time.


Mostly of them use outdated technologies or charge significantly high for new technologies Our team quickly adopts to the change and delivers the best thats needed for the business.


A hectic process and usually don't turn up once delivered. As a end to end service provider we make sure we are always available for you whenever needed.


Additional charges usually  We don't charge any extra amount.

Hourly Charges

Significantly high Very reasonable and affordable


Most of the web development companies least care about this. This is the highest priority for us, and we make sure its best performing as well.

SEO Optimization

Usually no one optimizes. KandraDigital as a marketing agency gives extreme importance for SEO optimization.


A few companies are very rude and they don't understand the business ethics. We are kind and polite and we try the client as King.

Scaling Up

Platforms usually need to be revamped and difficult to scale up Easy to scale up.


Don't usually consider building features for marketing, sales and business development teams. We take requirements from all teams and by default we try to have them to ensure ease of business.


Freelancers and part-time workers. Inhouse expert team dedicatedly assigned on your project


Usually prone to copy right issues or they ask you to provide. Up to 50 images are taken care by us. We also do the selling elements content and strategy for page types.

Knowledge Transfer

An hectic process or just share some videos. We guide being next to them, we are always available to help.


Program Specific

What all benefits do I get on completion of this program?

You will get the following benefits,

  1. You will be equivalent to 3-5 year experienced professional on completion of this program
  2. You will get a 1-year experience certificate
  3. You will get the pay slips and PF account
  4. You would have made a salary of 2.4 lakhs at least by end of the program
  5. You will get placed in the best companies by KandraDigital at a salary of between 3.6 lac to 4.2 lac.

You don’t get any of these when you opt for the training program from any of the normal training institutes in the market.


I am eligible If I have backlogs in my academics?

We don’t care about it until and unless you fail to fill our criteria for clearing the preliminary test. Our main goal is to build a career for the one who is rejected by the on-campus criteria, the one who has backlogs, and people with lesser opportunities to get into the IT industry on our on-campus


Can I pay the fee in installment?

Yes, you are allowed to pay on installments only after going through the concerns and feasibility from the management side.

Happy Clients

I have a better website now; we realised what a good website is. We opted for the Hubspot website design service from KandraDigital and they did an amazing job. We love our website, its performance is also super good and its support is exceptional.

We have hired the KandraDigital website designt team for our real estate website design, and they did an excellent job; you can take a look at it, it's . We have seen our sales increase 2-3 times after moving to this new website and traffic as well doubled in just two months of engagement and bounce rates are super good.

Overall we are delighted and suggest you to try out KandraDigital services.

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Google Ads Management Services In Manchester

Topmost Google Ads Management Company in Manchester

Hey, are you searching for the best Google Ads companies in Manchester that drive your business better to get the expected results for your goals? Then here is a solution for you. You can opt-in to Kandra Digital Google Ads services in Manchester as this is one of the renowned Google Ad service providers in Manchester, with a team of experts who can handle crores of business and get accurate leads for your business.

Do you know a fact that 90% of companies are making precise data-driven decisions? Experts say that Data is the new age oil. If you are an entrepreneur struggling to get more conversions, leads, and visitors, there are many Google Ads agencies in Manchester but on the flip side, they don’t have a deep customer understanding and how the google algorithm actually works. When an agency is providing Google Ads services in Manchester, one needs to know the performance of keywords, bidding value, and customer psychology. Google Ads service providers in Manchester are the most searched query; without surprise, this shows that even abroad are searching for professional Google Ads firms in Manchester to make their vision into reality. Let’s say your ad budget is 1000$, and your goal is to get the maximum output, and after running ad campaigns, your gross revenue is 1000$ itself only will it satisfy you? Probably No!

If you don’t have a good marketer who matches all your goals then why worry? Here at Kandra Digital, we have well-trained professionals for Google Ads services in Manchester who are capable of converting more leads, bringing vitality, growth, and more. We have well-trained professionals who have good knowledge about data and bidding acumen which will surely bring high-quality leads to your business. We have satisfied clients all over the globe due to delivering desired results, cost-effective ads, and consumer-centric services. The biggest fear business leaders face while running google ads is draining the money bag and not getting the expected results, but when it comes to Kandra Digital Google Ads Company in Manchester we deliver more than you expect. Why still worrying about your Google Ads? Feel free to connect with us through a call to clarify your doubts.


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