Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which Is Better For A Business?


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Everyone very well knows that both of these Google Ads and Facebook Ads are used for advertising the business. And no doubt they help the company in growth and earn leads and profit. 

But regards to this, one question arises among most of the people that which one of the two (Google Ads vs Facebook Ads) is perfect for a business? And you will be surprised to know that out of the top 10 questions asked from ads experts, this question takes high place.

And almost every time the response is the same saying “it depends”!

Both of these Google Ads and Facebook Ads are great, which work according to the business you are operating, your target audience, and your business objectives.

So, to make everything clear, we have to cut it to the bone. Both of them excel while delivering results because online advertising dominates the world.

So, through this post, you will come to know about Google ads vs Facebook ads; which is better for the business world.

Google ads, which was formerly known as AdWords, and Facebook ads, are known as two gorillas of the pay-per-click advertising. And no doubt both of them help companies to maximize their reach towards their target audience.

According to the latest report, Google ads handle around 3.5 million searches every day in comparison to Facebook ads, which has 1.45 billion every single day. So, with this statistic, it becomes very challenging to tell which one is better.

So, before coming to some conclusion, let’s have some insight into Google ads?


Well, everyone knows that Google is the globe’s biggest search engine platform that tops the list among others. Keeping this in mind, according to one report from Live Internet stats, every single day, Google takes more than 5 billion searches. So, Google ads are a fantastic place where you can market your business. 

Now the question arises what the various ways to advertise your products and services on Google ads are? They are: –

      ➤ Search network

      ➤ Display network

      ➤ Google shopping

      ➤ Video

      ➤ Google ads retargeting

  Facebook ads

Unlike Google ads, Facebook ads are a paid search. But if you compare both these advertising platforms, then Facebook ads are more famous among business owners. This is proved with the help of the stat of last year, which shows that Facebook ads account for 25% of all online advertising spending.

As the social media platform, it very well knows the behavior of the consumers and its demands, that’s why Facebook is taking over Google. The reason is Facebook engages more data as compared to Google in the form of, likes, current locations, vacations, birth dates, etc. 

Due to this reason, Facebook advertising is one of the popular platforms among all types of businesses, whether they are small or big. 

After knowing about both these platforms, it is time to make a decision. So, now you have to choose one of the two. So, to help you decide, first ask some questions from yourself, keeping your business in mind. Like.

     ✔ Take a note on your business goals and objectives. Are your goals focused enough to deliver sales and profit?

If this is the truth, then AdWords or Google ads is an excellent option to market your business. On the other hand, if you are looking to expand your business with reputation and recognition and want a wider audience, then Facebook ads will be an excellent choice.

     ✔ Now the next part is if you consider your client industry, then both B2B and B2C companies must use Google ads correctly. Moreover, Facebook ads only work excellent with B2C businesses, as, on the social media platforms, people used to look for only discounted products.

Over and again, there are various points at which Google ads or Facebook ads come first but coming to one conclusion is quite challenging. Because the overall choice depends upon multiple factors like business goals, type of business, total ROI to be achieved, types of clients targeted, etc.

Now it’s the time to wrap it up with following thought:

Google ads help businesses to reach new clients which deliver a high return on investment. On the other hand, Facebook ads help in finding new customers who offer an excellent return on investment in the long run.

We hope you liked this article!

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