Google Ads Vs FaceBook Instagram Ads | How To Decide Which Is Best?


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You know 50% of business owners and marketers invest in ad platforms wrongly and make an assumption that the platform or digital marketing is not working for them!

Are you the one among such? If so this article is a must-read, which helps you with very deep insights about the Google ads platform and the FaceBook platform, the article mainly stresses explaining,

  • Types of marketing you should know before you start investing in Ads
  • Google Ads CPC vs FaceBook CPC
  • Google Ads Cost/lead vs FaceBook Cost per lead
  • Which Platform is more beneficial
  • Which one to opt for first
  • What kind of ROI do you make out of each of these platforms
  • For what kind of businesses do Google Ads Work and FaceBook don’t work?
  • For what kind of businesses does FaceBook work and Google Ads don’t work?
  • Some Google examples that will help you to make the wiser decisions

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Google Search Ads Vs FaceBook & Instagram Ads | Businesses are wasting Millions of $ Every Year

If you prefer to read continue reading from here,

Do you know how many business owners waste their ad budget in Millions of dollars? Do you know the reason why that is getting wasted? It all stems from the inefficient digital marketers/teams who don’t understand the marketing channels, their performance, contribution, and the ROI from each of these marketing platforms.

This article helps you understand which platforms are more suitable for your business, which one to be considered based on the type of the business niche, and how to make sure you reap maximum ROI from each of the paid campaigns.

  • Types of marketing you should know before you start investing in Ads

This is one of the crucial aspects that every digital marketer and business owners has to understand and pay attention to in understanding what kind of marketing they are investing in,

There are two types of marketing, Push Marketing & Pull Marketing

Push Marketing:

In this scenario, the marketer makes sure he is available whenever a potential audience is researching a product or service and that’s how the business can quickly get a sale. Push marketing encompasses an audience that is badly in need of a product or service and they themselves proactively approach or research the product or service and buy it from the businesses whomsoever are available at that particular moment. The businesses target mainly the people who are in need or want of it and when they approach they just push/serve the product or service to them.

For example, a user is badly in need/want of a product and walks to a supermarket nearby where the seller pushes it to the user as per their request.

A user is badly in need of a product and searches for it on Google and the businesses push their result to the audiences who are looking for it.

Pull Marketing

In pull marketing regardless of the user interest or want the product will be taken to the user or promoted to the user on basis of assumptions about their interest or buying potential, but then the user might show interest in the product or might now and the interest in the product itself a probability case. The user is not in need or want of the product or service, in this marketing you are attempting to create an interest in the product or service in which you may succeed or may not if you succeed the user might opt for the service or purchase it from you or may decide to not to take any action at all.


  1. Someone reaching out to you while you are walking on the road asking you to opt for a credit card, or buy a car, etc.
  2. You showing ads on Instagram or faceBook making an assumption that they might be interested in your product/service

You can read more about the types of marketing here-

  • Google Ads CPC vs FaceBook CPC

Google ads platform has both the Pull and push options, the pull marketing options more or less work very much similar to that of FaceBook, but when we have to discuss the search the CPC will be always much higher than that of FaceBook. The FaceBook CPC is comparatively very low than that of the Google search campaigns. 

But then this should be a metric to decide which platform to be used for your business, the decision has to be made based on the return on the investment (ROI) from each of these platforms. 

As to get one sale you might have to reach a significantly large number of users as compared to that of the Google ads and the overall spending might be almost comparable from both the platforms finally it matters is the quality of the lead.

  • Google Ads Cost/lead vs FaceBook Cost per lead

As discussed above the spend can be almost comparable to achieving the lead or sale from both the platforms. The cost per lead depends on the conversion rates, the business niche, and the website market readiness. 

The cost per lead can be lower for FaceBook as compared to Google, but the quality of the lead and overall cost per acquisition can be better for Google ads.

  • Which Platform is more beneficial

It depends on the objective you are trying to achieve. If you are selling low-priced products or FMCG products Facebook can be super useful, and if you are concentrating on awareness of FMCG and most interesting products related to women such as Jewellery, apparel, cosmetics, etc.

If you are selling a product or service mostly B2B Facebook may not be that useful and being available on the push platforms such as Google could be super useful, where the branding or awareness is not that important when compared to that of the sale or being available for the audience who is badly in need of it.

FaceBook super good for awareness of the FMCG category

Google ads are super useful if your product ticket price is high and your audience is very narrow or your niche is very small.

  • Which one to be opted first

It completely depends on the stage of your business, the business niche/category your goals, and your budgets.

You might need a marketer’s help to decide this for your business. If you are looking for the best performance marketer you can reach out to Manjunath the best digital marketing consultant and expert in ads budget optimization.

  • What kind of ROI do you make out of each of these platforms?

Apart from the channel discussion, we made above in this article the ROI depends on the Ticket price and the margins you make on each sale, the product niches, the competition, the conversion rates, and the CPCs.

You need someone to estimate or project this for you before you decide on this Or maybe you can do a pilot campaign on both platforms and understand on basis of the insights you get.

  • For what kind of businesses do Google Ads Work and FaceBook don’t work?

For less popular niches, rarely sold products, and non-FMCG, B2B products or services can benefit better from Google ads as compared to that of FaceBook. FaceBook working for these businesses mostly might help only in terms of awareness and the sale is a byproduct of the awareness efforts.

  • For what kind of businesses does FaceBook work and Google Ads don’t work?

For FMCG, for products related to women, and any other products where the ticket price is less and has poor industry standard conversion rates opting for FaceBook marketing can be super useful instead of Google search.

Note: Google Shopping ads, display ads, and search partners can be as good as FaceBook or much better than FaceBOok too, this article focuses on Google search ads Vs. Facebook ads ( Push vs Pull marketing), hence you have to decide with the proper inputs from the expert marketer.

  • Some Google examples that will help you to make the wiser decisions

A soap of costs 1$ or 0.5 $ cannot use a Google search campaign to spend 1-10$. Maybe a spend of 1-10$ or 100$ seems okay for a product whose ticket price/cost is 100K$ at least, for example, machinery.


The discussion in this article is to help you to understand how marketing and marketing platforms work, which should also help you to make wiser decisions about your ad spending, the platforms that you should pick, which one to start, and many more. My personal suggestion is to opt for Google ads first if your business is searched on Google and the Ticket price is High ( At least to be 50-100 times higher than that of CPC) if your industry standard conversion rates are at least above 5-10%.

Manjunath is a performance marketing expert who is helping start-ups streamline their marketing budgets, marketing channels, and marketing teams and saving several million for companies he is consulting.

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