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Redefining the graphic design concepts for your businesses that fit the current generation’s mindsets and trends. Developing the most beautiful, professional, and impactful creatives, infographics, branding concepts, and product labels for businesses across the globe catering to industries like FMCG, Education, healthcare, real estate, Hospitality, and many more.

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Your marketing is incomplete without KandraDigitals graphics and design services that can place you high and impactful among the competition.

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Reasons why KandraDigital is most preferred for Graphic Design Services?

KandraDigital is a design backed up full fledge web solutions company with experts spaning over 5-10 years of experience, and who also understand the requirements and importance of the creatives needed in the marketing activities and for the marketing teams.

Our teams works is proven to be 

Design Library of our Teams work

All About the KandraDigital Graphic Design work and team

We are very proud of the highly skilled design professionals who are part of our system delivery the highest quality works and constantly winning the appreciation from the clients and for becoming their favourites and best choices when it comes to marketing creatives.

  1. 10+ Years of experience
  2. Skilled in 10+ Design Tools
  3. 100% Deep Understanding on the UI/UX concepts
  4. 100% Timely Delivery
  5. 100% Delivering Extraordinary
  6. 100% confidentiality
  7. “N’ Number of iterations, until satisfied

The Master Pieces behind the Graphic Design delivery

Our designers put the mind and should and intense love in everything they design and thats how they are impactful and making the difference. Meet the team, who does miracles, they don’t compromise when it comes to quality

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CEO and Founder

Jessy Blacklet

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Michael Wayne

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Sarah Jones

The various types of Design work that you can expect from us

We have done almost everything that anything carved out of our designers tools, you just get your requirements to us and we can produce literally anything and everything that makes it more attractive and loving.

    Key Features

    You are free to express your love for the platform you want the logos to be built, and we have experts who can cater to the requirements.

    • 100% client approval
    • Most appreciated and accepted
    • Impactful & impressive
    • The amazing, original design will be built for you in just two days.
    • Suitable to print everywhere including website, hoardings, pamphlets, letterhead, etc

    The Most Economical Packages

    Blog/Content Portals



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    Small Static Website



    Feature 1, Feature 2, Feature 3, Feature 4, Feature 5

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    Custom Requirements



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    E-commerce websites



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    Kandra Digital Vs Other Graphic Designing Companies

    KandraDigital is the first choice when it comes to web design services for many businesses, as KandraDigital's web design team never compromises on quality, scalability, trending technologies, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction.

    Key Considerations

    Other Companies



    No Standards maintained, and charge as per the client We are economical, treat all the clients and maintain transparency


     Depends Our main goal is quality and work towards that and until client acknowledges they are satisfied

    Timely Delivery

    Many fail to meet the expectations We assure you, and we are 99% success rate in delivering on time.


    Mostly of them use outdated technologies or charge significantly high for new technologies Our team quickly adopts to the change and delivers the best thats needed for the business.


    A hectic process and usually don't turn up once delivered. As a end to end service provider we make sure we are always available for you whenever needed.


    Additional charges usually  We don't charge any extra amount.

    Hourly Charges

    Significantly high Very reasonable and affordable


    Most of the web development companies least care about this. This is the highest priority for us, and we make sure its best performing as well.

    SEO Optimization

    Usually no one optimizes. KandraDigital as a marketing agency gives extreme importance for SEO optimization.


    A few companies are very rude and they don't understand the business ethics. We are kind and polite and we try the client as King.

    Scaling Up

    Platforms usually need to be revamped and difficult to scale up Easy to scale up.


    Don't usually consider building features for marketing, sales and business development teams. We take requirements from all teams and by default we try to have them to ensure ease of business.


    Freelancers and part-time workers. Inhouse expert team dedicatedly assigned on your project


    Usually prone to copy right issues or they ask you to provide. Up to 50 images are taken care by us. We also do the selling elements content and strategy for page types.

    Knowledge Transfer

    An hectic process or just share some videos. We guide being next to them, we are always available to help.


    Program Specific

    What all benefits do I get on completion of this program?

    You will get the following benefits,

    1. You will be equivalent to 3-5 year experienced professional on completion of this program
    2. You will get a 1-year experience certificate
    3. You will get the pay slips and PF account
    4. You would have made a salary of 2.4 lakhs at least by end of the program
    5. You will get placed in the best companies by KandraDigital at a salary of between 3.6 lac to 4.2 lac.

    You don’t get any of these when you opt for the training program from any of the normal training institutes in the market.


    I am eligible If I have backlogs in my academics?

    We don’t care about it until and unless you fail to fill our criteria for clearing the preliminary test. Our main goal is to build a career for the one who is rejected by the on-campus criteria, the one who has backlogs, and people with lesser opportunities to get into the IT industry on our on-campus


    Can I pay the fee in installment?

    Yes, you are allowed to pay on installments only after going through the concerns and feasibility from the management side.

    Happy Clients

    I tried the creatives from various design agencies, but then it was never satisfying until i met the KandraDigital Graphic design team. They work is all extra ordinary, except for the minor feedback we have never seen any issues with the design works for our website. Our social media is completely from KandraDigital, we have seen a very good response from target audiences.

    A bow to Arjun for quick delivery of our product labels, the design concepts are amazing and our branding activities are very impactful as compared to that of our past activities. Its a strict yes if I have to recommend KandraDigitla for Graphic design work, one of the best graphic design company.

    Our social media number spiked up significantly when we started working with the Kandra Graphic design company, our social media posts engagement also have improved significantly and we are very happy with the results and quality work.

    Very happy about the work delivered by Arjun, he is simply extra ordinary who has delivered us the amazing work throught out the project. I personally sugget Arjun for Social Media creatives and Logo designing.

    Graphic Designing Services In Sapparo

    Foremost Graphic Design Companies in Sapparo

    Are you anxious about creating interactive graphic designs for your website and seeking for an opportunity to grow your brand furthermore? Take a breath and stay calm. Kandra Digital Graphic Design firm in Sapparo is marked as the best Graphic Design service provider in Banglore where we explain the whole content with the help of creative graphics which lures your users and stops their eyeballs for a second.

    Do you know that Web 3.0 is booming and many top tech companies have been investing billions of dollars in it many tech enthusiasts say that it’s going to revolutionize the future of the internet? All the things viewed after inserting the VR box in the head are fully filled with high graphical structure. Graphics Design services in Sapparo are surging day by day and it’s kind of expressing the art through machines. Businesses use graphic design as a communication tool to express their brand presence, marketing funnels, and their culture.

    A Billboard created on the streets may represent their upcoming products and eCommerce uses interactive email templates to build relationships with customers and on and on. We, humans, are literally attracted to colors, shapes, and creative images. The first impression is the best impression whether it may be a flower or a billboard. Colors play a huge role in connecting humans’ emotions with other particles. In this digital world, it is called graphics.

    If you are an emerging entrepreneur who faces hurdles to communicate via designs. Here at Kandra Digital Graphic Design agency in Sapparo, we have well-trained designers who are able to create cohesive designs for the website, Google Ads, Banners, Brochures, and many others. We are very passionate about creating unique designs for our clients and helping them to spread their brand viability, which makes them stand apart from the crowd. We create designs that are engaging and informative in a way that helps you to transform your business goals through enchanting designs.

    Get in touch with our professional team of expert Graphic Designer Consultants and get a cutting edge to your creatives with custom designs based on your need.


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