How To Get Do-follow Links On High Volume Keywords

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Looking for do-follow links on high volume keywords can mean competing for a particular subject matter or niche on the World Wide Web. Trust signals for websites is not largely dependent on domain authority, authors do also have trust signals.

If Cristiano Ronaldo should write an article that’s all about soccer with a very poor SEO, the fact still remains that Google will still have reasons to rank the site, because Ronaldo is a proven authority on the subject, and as you already know, a lot of people are more likely to trust Cristiano Ronaldo. In essence, what this means is that you have to build up the authority for your domain for you to be able to get backlinks for high volume keywords that the “big boys” are already ranking for. 

Here are a few ways you can develop and get do-follow links for high volume keywords:

Place Your Content On Reach-Out Channels:

Reach-out channels are websites that help you to build authority by placing your work on other channels. Examples of such platforms are quora and

However, before placing your article on these reputation-building sites, it is important to know specifically what keywords you want to rank for, For example, if you want to rank for keywords “woocomerce mix and match”, you need to have a WordPress site that serves the purpose for an e-commerce store. 

In addition, it is important to list the strategic goals for your content before ranking for a high volume keyword. An example of this is becoming a thought leader and a trusted brand for the knowledge of woocomerce plug-ins.

Build Internal Links:

Getting links from external sources can be a hard task, but getting links from your own site can be obtained in minutes. Some people ignore the power of internal links, not knowing it helps to quickly discover your new content through existing content that already ranks well in your domain. In the same fashion, internal links help to tell Google what page or content you considered most important.

For you to effectively leverage on building internal links, try as much as possible to link your article that’s having high volume keywords with your best ranking contents, using the referring tactics approach of Anchor text. Similarly, when you place much emphasis on destination page for a certain keyword under your domain, Google understands what specific keyword you consider to place more important and in-turns regard it for ranking.

Note that if your internal linking structure is like a lump of tangled wires that takes up to 5-10 clicks to reach the high volume keyword Blogpost you want to rank for, then you’ve failed. Another thing is to consider the loading speed of your site because it can be frustrating to perform redundant actions. 

The following are applications that will be of help for your internal link building structure: Website auditor, Google Analytics, Hubpost, Ahrefs, and Screaming frog.

Find Influencers For Support:

Do you want to rank for high volume keywords? then you need to increase your influencer marketing budget. If you don’t have influencers yet, you need to start looking for a paid influencer with the authority domain and pay some little token that’s not more than $50 – $100.

So you may be asking what do influencers do? Simply put, they improve your domain or brand awareness, boost search visibility and drive a lot of traffic as well as Backlinks to your site.

An influencer marketer links your webpage with high authoritative sites and gets you backlinks from their sites as well. An example is when marketers request influencers to place an ad on their sites that link directly to the product page of their stores. If you make use of a WordPress site, you can use this technique to link to your Woocomerce smart coupons page directly.

 Another thing is that influencer marketing can give you the opportunity to make contacts with new influencers that you can easily collaborate with. Altogether, if you can collaborate with a host of influencers, who’s to say their followers/audience wouldn’t want to read your blog as well. There are many influencer platforms available; you can look for your choice under your niche. A handful of influencer platform includes Revfluence, Buzzole, and Trackr.

Imitate And Copy Your Competitors But Be Unique:

I’m not talking about copying every strategy a website with high domain authority uses, but what I meant here is tapping in to get inspirations from your competitors.

If sites like Amazon, Netflix, and are your competitors for example, note that you need to do extra digging. It is easy and even legal to research on your competitor’s website, what you need to do is paste your competitor’s Backlinks profile to “monitor backlinks” website. The “monitor backlinks” website application helps with a whole lot of things from brand monitoring to creating relationships with influencers, recovering valuable lost links from guest post ads, tracking your keyword ranking over time, fighting against spamming backlinks and managing your backlinks in one place as well.

Leverage On Press Opportunities:

Gone are the days’ press releases are only used for newsworthy announcements, the World Wide Web has changed the outlook of what press releases actually is.

Press releases help feature you on Televisions, Newspaper, Magazines and even radio interviews, so you don’t need to be a journalist to reach out to millions of people. Sites like Google News, yahoo news constantly updates its search results with press releases from sites like PRweb, TVEyes, GlobeNewswire, and Meltwater and etcetera, so you can simply distribute your press releases via those aforementioned places by following the guidelines and requirements required.

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