How to measure social media success?


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You every now and then see a person approaching you that they want to execute your social media or probably someone must be already executing social media for you at zero returns or very good returns, but how do you understand it?

90% of the business owners get fooled when they had to deal with the Social media evaluation or ROI evaluation, here is a simple thumb rule that helps you in understanding is social media really working for you or not?

Want to know how to measure social media effectiveness?

You probably may be fed up listening to social media marketers that your social posts help you reach a large group of audiences or done for branding purpose etc, anything it be, from here on just make sure you follow this approach in measuring social media success.

Social media success can be measured as follows based on objectives or stage of the profile, and are as follows

  1. Likes/reaction for post

  2. Comments on the post

  3. Share of the post

  4. Simply call all the above as engagement

  5. Page likes/subscribe/follow

  6. Visit the website from social pages

  7. Visit and perform actions such as buying or placing a lead

  8. Call to business from social pages

If you haven’t got any of these and despite has likes only from your employees or team members for a company profile it’s an utter failure, it’s time to revamp your strategies. You are not supposed to continue with the same as your page followers will start unfollowing or unsubscribing.

Note: Your post reach cannot happen or increase without the first 5 activities mentioned above, anyways all social media tools would have a metric called impressions if at all if your interested to know how many have seen it.

Here are some of the metrics that help you understand better about your social pages success/performance,





At least 1-2%

Above 3%


At least 1%

Above 4%

Clicks to Website

At least 1%



At least 1%



At least 1%


What’s your case? Executing it successfully?

The most pathetic thing is self liking, the post will be liked by the page itself!

I have created a template to track your social media activities regularly and keep tab of things.

Here are some of the hints on achieving the social media objectives,

  1. Understand the audiences thoroughly

  2. Don’t push promotional content

  3. Add value to the user, make sure it’s useful and interesting to the user

  4. Respect the consumer time

  5. Build content that motivates users to engage with

  6. Storytelling is important

  7. Prefer images and video over text

  8. Use appropriate Hashtags

  9. Embed your pages on the website and other profiles across the internet

Why measure social media success?

  1. You must be investing in social media activities and you may not be reaping anything out of it and hence understanding it and investing wisely is important, or at least one has to figure out a way to execute in the right way

  1. Despite activities for several years, you may not see your social base going anywhere or drop in base in some cases

  2. Social media is a huge opportunity for all kinds of businesses when it is done appropriately, hence don’t miss out on the opportunity

  3. Doing wrong activities on social media is also a negative branding

If you are not certain about measuring social media success, request a free audit from us.


If you have a social media profile for your business right away start measuring the performance of those profiles and in case if you come across the engagement of only you and your team members please go ahead and restrategize the things and don’t forget to incorporate some of the suggestions mentioned in this article.


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