How to Optimize Website for Long Tail Keywords/Broad Match Keywords

  • How to Cover the long tail keywords or broad keywords?
  • How to make a webpage rank up for many keywords?
  • When can a website rank up for too many keywords?
  • Is it possible to make a webpage to rank up for 100’s of keywords?

If you are trying to find a solution for the above questions you have landed on a right page, you will shortly come across lots of things related to making a website rank up for lots of keywords and you can actually put it in use for your website or blog.

Most of the SEO professionals don’t realize the massive untapped market of long tail keywords, and realizing that would actually make you to re-strategize your keyword allocation, writing styles and lets you put additional focus on your multi-region,&  multi-device optimization.

Getting to the core understanding of short keywords and long tail keywords

Short keywords are the search terms those are

  • short in nature
  • Maybe generic in nature
  • Very high search volume keywords
  • The most commonly used search terms on search engines like Google

Meanwhile, the long tail keywords are the search terms those are

  • Long in nature
  • Specific intent/interest in nature
  • Moderate or low search volumes
  • Changes from user to user, sometimes they originate and die with the same user, it means nobody uses such term on Google search engine except for that individual

Fact: Too many people use the same term to find a business but then mean there are lot many people who use different search terms to find the business and this is much much bigger than the common searches. In the below image Set “A” Can be considered as core keywords/short keywords and Set “B” are the long tail keyword and which is much much bigger than the short keywords.

Long tail keywords and short/exact keywords

Most of the digital marketers or business owners focus a lot on set “A” kind of keywords and absolutely there is no problem, if in case,

  • If they can rank up to them (set “A”) easily
  • If they can also cover set “B” keywords
  • If the conversion rates are good for the traffic coming from Set “A” keywords

But then it is evident from the tons of data that I go through on a daily basis, that long tail keywords are the best if you

  • Want to see better conversion rates
  • If you need to quickly rank up and see some sales happening
  • If you have to achieve lots of traffic with small efforts

Some insight on the short/Exact keywords and broad/long tail keywords

Difference between long tail keywords and exact keywords

Metric Exact/Short Keyword Broad/Long Tail Keyword
Relevancy/Intent Comparatively Low High
Conversion Rates Comparatively Low High
Competition Comparatively High Low
Search Volumes Comparatively High Low
The number of keywords Comparatively Low High
Difficulty Or Ranking Comparatively High Low
Nature Need lots of effort Low Hanging Fruits
CPC’s Comparatively High Low
Cost/Conversion Comparatively High Low

Coming back to our actual question, “What makes a website to rank up for tail keywords or long keywords”?

  1. Keyword Incorporation:

Incorporating the keywords is the key for making the website rank up for many keywords, but then make sure that you are optimizing as per my suggestion in order to rank up for as many long tail variations as possible,

Covering all variations of the product/service:

If you want your web page to be ranking up for as many keywords as possible you should compulsorily incorporate all the variations of your product/service, for E.G: lets assume you provide the PMP training, and the other variation  of PMP would be project management professional and hence you should cover both the abbreviation and spelled out version of your service

E.G 2: Your product is hoodies, which is also called as the pullover and hence you should consider covering the alternate names of your product or service

Covering all patterns of searches:

Patterns are the terms associated with the product/service term of your search term and which help in understanding the intent of the search query

E.G: Your service is PMP and the term training along with the PMP term, (PMP Training ) conveys that the person using the search query “PMP training” is looking for training.

Similarly, if the search query is PMP video, the person is looking for Video.

Considering one specific type of intention such as “Training”, I would optimize the page for multiple patterns as follows,

PMP Training, PMP Certification, PMP Classroom Training, PMP course and more

So, Training, course, certification, classroom are all mean the same in term of intent and hence covering all those patterns is very important in order to rank up for as many tail keywords as possible.

  1. Make sure the crawl frequency of the webpage is good

Once you are done with the optimization of keywords its very much important allowing search bots to understand about your webpage and bots understand your webpage and its queries better when they actually crawl the page number of times, so that they can help your page rank up for as many tail keywords as possible.

I can relate it to a student reading a chapter several numbers of times from his textbook so that there are high chances of he remembering it and attending any questions that are posed related to that chapter.

  1. Reach of web pages across regions and devices

The searches vary with devices and from region and optimizing your website for multiple regions and devices lets your page to cover further more queries which are specific to those regions and devices, hence optimising a webpage for several regions and devices is very important especially if your content is compatible and legal to service across regions and devices.

  1. Brand Value

If your website/business is brand there are high chances of brand credibility benefiting the website in order to rank up for more number of search terms, but then this is not a must/necessity to cover tail keywords. If your website has taken care of the above three implementations then for sure your website should be able to rank up for tail keywords easily.

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