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Any piece of content published on the internet is more fruitful to users and search engines if and only if the content writer has a basic understanding about how users and Google bots are going to give importance to their writing.

It is more demanding for both content writers and search engine optimizers (SEO) to understand the importance of writing content that’s is useful for both users and search engines, writing content from the SEO perspective is not that easy and meanwhile, there are “n” number of benefits in developing content from SEO perspective:

  1. Your webpage crawl frequency gets better by writing content from SEO perspective
  2. Users find value in content and consider exploring it further or perform the final intended action of website/business owner
  3. Website/webpage ranks up for as many keywords as it can
  4. More organic traffic to the website

I believe nobody wants to miss out on the benefits of writing content from SEO perspective, but then meanwhile you have to make sure that you are following all of the following topics discussed below,

1. Understand the product or service thoroughly

  • A person understanding the product/service or about the business is very crucial, without which they won’t be able to start and here are some tips for understanding about the products/services,
    • Speak to the business owner or the person who already has a certain understanding about it, understand from them what does it mean
    • Ask them who are the target audiences
    • Ask them for some references
  • Alternatively, if that didn’t help and If you are not completely sure about the topic you are going to write just query on Google for the same, understand the content that pops up for you on search results, preferably go through the Wikipedia pages or content portals for detailed information and in case if you don’t have enough time to go through you can straight away consider exploring similar businesses and their websites, but then going through similar players website might not be helpful always as they are not the trusted source of information and there is a possibility of they publishing any random content there.

2. Understand who are your audience groups

  • Understanding your audience groups is the best way of getting the hold in developing content, for example, if you have the information
    • Age groups
    • Gender
    • Their lifestyle
    • Habits
    • Region
    • Language they speak
    • Their interests and more

    You will be able to write a great content from a perspective of attracting them and that’s what makes the content great.

3. Understand what’s important to user

  • The user who is going through your content must be expecting the set of details and they have to find it in the content and in case if those details are not found in the content user would not perform the action that you are intending.For example, let’s consider a product on the e-commerce website, and here user must be expecting the price info, delivery date, comparison details, reviews about the product, variations of the product in terms of color and size, similar products and more. Your audience not finding any of the details can be a loss for you as they don’t will to perform an action without the information.

4. Understand what stands at priority to user

  • As explained in the above topic user will be interested in various kinds of information, but meanwhile, user/audience expects a specific type of information to be seen at first and if the audience has not found it at the quick glance in the first few seconds they consider quitting the website or content.
  • E.G: Price details, product features, Offers, images, additional benefits that user can avail and more, and all are important to the user but understanding the product features stands at top priority and in such case, the product features have to be at a quick glance in the content.

5. Understand how your users try to find you

  • Your users explicitly if they are researching on the internet they would use set of terms in finding the business and they are usually called as keywords and understanding those keywords is very important and henceforth you will be able to incorporate those keywords in your content

6. Understand which Keyword to be used in your content (Keyword Allocation):

  1. From the above stage you will be able to find lots of keywords for your business but then all those keywords not necessarily attract the right users and hence picking those best keywords for your business pages is very important.
  2. Here are some tips in allocation the right keyword for your page with an example,
    1. Always sort keywords from Highest volume to lowest volume (descending order)
    2. Consider the alternate names, synonyms, spelled out versions, abbreviations, Singular and plural
  • Make sure that you are covering all the important business intent patterns, basically called as primary patterns eg: Buy, Online, price, Purchase,
  1. Medium intent patterns or secondary patterns have to be used in the content and with the content flow eg: Exam, fee, cost, Curriculum
  2. Pick all variations of high intent keywords
  3. Don’t repeat the already covered variations until and unless it’s really a very high demand pattern
  • Have 6-8 Keywords allocated for your webpage
  • In case if you are writing content/description keep in mind few more business-related searches, basically the secondary patterns

Sample Shortlisted Keywords:

We have shortlisted these keywords from few tens of keywords by following the above steps

  • mobile phones online
  • mobile phones prices
  • online shopping mobile
  • mobile store
  • smartphone price
  • buy mobile online
  • online mobile purchase
  • cell phone prices

Sample Secondary Patterns:

  • Low
  • cheap
  • discount
  • best
  • new
  • websites
  • sites
  • latest
  • offers
  • sale

By covering all these keywords and secondary patterns the website attains a power of ranking for any numbers of search queries.

7. Understanding the keyword usage:

The keywords those are finalized in the above step are used at various instances in the HTML in order to rank up for them. Using keywords at various instances of HTML is considering the SEO norms and that’s the most basic and important thing that gets addressed on all websites once the search engine optimization is started for the website.

  1. Writing content:
    1. The content has to be started with the highest volume keyword
    2. use the highest volume keyword at least twice in the content
  • Make sure that all the keywords provided are used at least once in the content
  1. Make use of secondary patterns, you don’t have to use all secondary patterns and also its not compulsory. Make use of patterns which can best fit with the contest flow.
  2. Bold the keywords in HTML, use the logical tag in bolding the content (<b> – Physical tag, </b>, <strong> – Logical tag)</strong>
  3. Always write content as paragraphs
  • And make sure each paragraph has some heading
  • The content should be informative with some statistical details if available
  1. The quality of the content should be good
  2. There should be at least 2 different varieties of the call to actions in the content
  3. Use few call out statements in bullet points
  • Add keywords related to the previous or next level of pages, so that contextual linking can be done in the content.

Writing Meta Tags:

Meta tags are basically the hidden information for the user on the website but then this information is displayed to the user on search engines or on other platforms as a brief of the webpage.

The CTR of the page depends on the quality of the meta tags.

You can read more about meta tags Here

Writing Heading Tags- H1, H2 and more

  • Use keywords in heading tags
  • Use the primary keyword in writing the H1
    • Buy Mobile Phones Online
  • There shouldn’t be two H1’s on the page
  • There shouldn’t be two H2 tags
  • Heading Tags should be less than 5 words length
  • Writing Alt attribute in image tags (Image tags attribute):
  • Alt attributes tell search engines what is the image about, as search engines can’t understand the images just like that. They refer alt attribute to understand the image.
  • Try to keep the alt tag relevant to the image and if possible try to write it using the keyword.
  • This doesn’t mean you should forcefully use the keyword, just make sure the alt attribute is conveying exactly what the image is.
  • Alt attribute text helps to improve the crawl frequency of the webpage, so the right and in demand (High volume) alt text always increases the crawl frequency.t
  • Save the images with the name of product/Service basically what the image conveys.
  • <’img src=”” alt=”knowledgehut logo”/’>
  • Anchor Text:
    • The text used in the anchor tags, which basically tells what is the destination page about.
    • <’a href=””>Agile Management</’a>
    • If the anchor text is not a call to action then it has to convey what the destination webpage is about and is usually written using the keyword.
    • Search engines have a weight for the terms used in the anchor tags and in turn associate the webpage about the term and help rank up for the term/keyword on search results.

By taking care of all the above the content is considered to be built from the SEO perspective.

Here is a strict note to all SEO professionals and content writers whose has a perception that SEO writing is incorporating keywords, its not just incorporating keywords, which also includes

  • Understanding the user
  • Understanding the product thoroughly
  • Understanding the keyword research
  • Understanding the right keyword and
  • Finally incorporating or usage of keywords on the webpage/HTML at all the necessary instances

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