Tips To Achieve Great Results From The Paid Marketing Campaigns


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If you are running Google Ads for your client or for your own business here are few points to bear in mind. The following points don’t detail about the complete process, but which are just a checklist of items or prerequisites to be paid attention in order to spend the budget effectively and also to maintain better conversion rates, CTR’s and Quality Scores.

Many paid marketers in a hurry miss out on few things and many times it becomes very difficult for them to recall all the list of things to be taken care in launching the campaign or immediately after launching the campaign,  especially if they are new to the domain or in the start of their career.

Here are few checklists of items for digital marketing professionals who are working on Google AdWords,

  1. Before launching the campaign understand the CPC’s, competition, and estimate the CPL, and also the same has to be communicated to the client before you enable the campaign. The client should be aware of budgets/spend required to acquire the leads of his interest count for the month.
  2. Before enabling the campaign to make sure the right negatives are added
  3. Make sure the targeting is proper
    • Desktop and Mobile
    • Location
    • Search, display and search partners
    • Placements
    • Ip inclusion/exclusion and more
  4. Regularly monitor the search terms, leads, cps, competition (auction insights)
  5. Work on the search term and add those keywords to respective ad groups and meanwhile, the negatives found has to go to the negative group
  6. Make sure the tracking is fine and all the lead/conversion forms work
  7. Set the goals/events on analytics whichever are required
  8. Regular updates to clients on spend leads and other details if the client is interested
  9. Very importantly you have to prioritize the PPC work over SEO as soon the changes go live the account starts running with those changes. In case if changes go live in the noon, you will lose half days.
  10. Know which landing page would work better
  11. On initial launch try to maintain better position for keywords on SERP
  12. The QS and the CTR has to be good in order to spend less
  13. Keep monitoring the website regularly for server response, not founds, form functionality as any of these issues could result in a high cost per acquisition.
  14. Understand the keyword intent better so that you can drive only quality customers
  15. Be careful about the Generic keywords, which will have low conversion rates
  16. Work effectively on display to bring down the CPL
  17. You can display ads for medium intent keywords, but never for the irrelevant one
  18. Understand which type of websites (Category, popularity, etc) would give returns
  19. Gmail display works very well for product purchase where the conversion window is of long duration
  20. Location targeting spend can be adjusted as we adjust the device targeting

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