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Digital marketing need to this internet era is very much needed with the growth in web and web technologies, increased usage of internet and gadgets across the globe has topped up the digital marketers need further, with the shift of offline to online across various verticals have given a significant rise of digital marketing implementation for businesses.

Some of the surprising facts around digital marketing demand

Digital marketing trends

  • Digital marketers are one of the highest paid profile across the globe
  • Literally, all this has created millions of direct and indirect jobs across the globe and the majority of them are digital marketing jobs.
  • Many business owners are taking this granted and they are learning the basics of digital marketing so that they can ensure that their digital marketers and business goals are in sync.
  • Few thousands of digital marketing institutes started in the recent few years, which explicitly focus on digital marketing training.
  • Digital marketing created more work from home or work from anywhere flexibility
  • Digital marketing encourages creative skills in people
  • People perceive MS in digital marketing from the reputed colleges across globe spending anywhere between 23000 $ to 30000$ (16 lakhs to 20 lakhs)

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I was adding my opinion today to the discussion that I had with my subordinates, while I was explaining the importance of digital marketing “that digital marketing is very much needed to everyone, and introducing it as a subject in the academics would help the coming generations”.

The academics subjects like language, mathematics, science, history are thought for a reason in the academics and the digital marketing is going to be the most important over all of these, digital marketing enables to learn all of them in an easier and effective way.

I shall be also explaining about the importance of digital marketing with some case studies, don’t miss it.

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Digital Marketing Usage:

  1. Digital marketing teaches you lot of working skills, helps you understand the numbers, improves your logical and reasoning skills, improves your soft skills, gives you an opportunity to interact with top-level professionals, gives you an idea about marketing, and lot more, which you can later use in any of your dream roles, E.G:
  2. As a data scientist, you can now understand the sources of data as using it in your current role when you have worked on data analysis and interpretation as a digital marketer.
  3. As a digital marketer you would have tested the websites and now when you get into the testing roles, you will be able to do it better when you have to do it from marketing teams perspective as well.
  4. As a digital market, you would have done the business analysis and when you get into the business analyst career it helps you
  5. As a digital marketing professional, you would have understood the marketing knowledge and now when you get into marketing roles or when you start your business you can implement the marketing for your business or you can promote your business through digital marketing
  6. Digital marketers need a basic understanding of the web, web technologies, front end development, backend development and more and this all makes you role interesting.

Digital marketing builds you from all perspectives, basically teach you everything that enables you to get more opportunities, be wiser and brings in more satisfaction.

As a digital marketing professionals, you have the opportunity to use all of your skills and you can focus more on the one that you excel or interests you. E.G when you are from an engineering background (especially from programming background), you can focus more on search engine optimization or tech implementations around it. Likewise based on your skill or expertise you can work on things that interest you.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for various other marketing, such as:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Online Reputation management

And many more. It’s vast!

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is very much needed for the following people,

Digital Marketing Need For Graduates

In 2010-11, people didn’t know digital marketing- When I had to speak about SEO (my job), one of my friends made a fun around it, pronouncing it as CEO and laughing around it. People don’t realize the value or importance of it until it surpasses their role, salaries, responsibilities, flexibility to work on multiple aspects, importance or demand in the market and surprisingly it all happened for the digital marketing role.

  1. A marketing professional or any graduate can easily grab a job when he posses digital marketing skills
  2. Graduates who are looking for secure and high paying jobs as compared to any normal role can consider digital marketing careers
  3. Graduates looking for a very satisfying profile or role look for a digital marketing role
  4. Graduates with multi-skills find it to be the best career option
  5. Gets many freelancing opportunities

Digital Marketing Need for Business Owners:

All these years business owners relied on traditional marketing and with the shift that business owners have no option, that they have to adopt the digital marketing for their business and with the type of scams happening around the digital marketing the business owners feel that they have to compulsorily learn digital marketing at least the foundation.

You can read this article to understand why business owners have to take up digital marketing courses.

Digital marketing knowledge enables business owners to take a wise call over several aspects such as,

  1. Spend on traditional marketing vs Digital marketing
  2. Spend on Channels by their ROI
  3. Adopting various digital marketing channels based on the business objectives
  4. Effective use of digital marketers, digital marketing platforms and more.

Digital marketing need for working professionals:

Digital marketing is vast and the professionals who have already touched one of the channels in the digital marketing have to learn many other channels as that enables them,

  1. To get more and well-paying job opportunities
  2. Their strategies would get better and the majority of them lead to success
  3. The satisfaction level and energy spikes up
  4. You will become a proud full stack digital marketer

Digital marketing need for cross-domain working professionals:

I have seen many professionals in the roles such as sales, business development, testing, development, etc are not happy and have switched to digital marketing and their opinion after several months of practicing digital marketing is as follows,

  1. Digital marketing is one of the best profile to work on, very interesting, challenging and exciting
  2. My Work satisfaction levels have gone up
  3. It’s fun to work on digital marketing, I don’t feel like I am working, I am getting paid for while I am having fun.
  4. I always thought digital marketing is not that valued, but I am finding more opportunity which I never found in my previous jobs.

Few Real Case Studies,

I am an engineering and an MBA a graduate and never had to repent for my decision of getting into digital marketing and in fact, I feel lucky to be in this role. I feel very happy about my role and meanwhile, I feel sorry to those poor guys when they put across one of these cases in front of me.

Business Owner Realization- Importance of Digital marketing

Today I was speaking to my team at the office, we all are digital marketers and some of them have taken a different path, they too had met us in the digital marketing career but later they discontinued and started perceiving MS at reputed college.

I am Manjunath Kandra heading digital marketing at an education provider company, I work with a team of 40 people and all are digital marketers.

Today I met one of my subordinates in the past his interests were different and hence he discontinued and started with his higher studies. A couple of months ago he returned to India and he started with his own business and he was repenting that, “I must have continued in digital marketing for a while here, before I start with my MS”, “I have to at least work here for a couple of months”, can you guys allowed me to work here.

He as a business owner realization of the importance of Digital marketing

Non-Digital Marketing Professionals Realization- Importance of Digital Marketing

Some of the graduates or professionals who rejected or have quit the digital marketing roles in the initial stages of their career and have moved to the roles which are not that suitable as per their skills or interest realize that digital marketing would have been the best and they switch back to digital marketing.

In have around a decade of digital marketing experience, I have never seen someone in my team moving to other roles from their digital marketing role, except for one guy and after one year of his struggle in various other roles I felt that digital marketing is the most suitable for him.


  • He is very smart
  • His IQ’s are good
  • His analytical skills are great
  • His logical and reasoning skills are appealing
  • He is an engineering graduate with very good academics score.



Digital marketing is currently one of the most in demand profile in the market across globe. Digital marketing professionals satisfaction levels are good as compared to many other profiles which has poor satisfaction level. If you are planning to learn this skill you can go ahead and acquire the skill in order to see success in your business or to find a well paying job.

Manjunath Kandra

Digital Marketing Expert, consultant, Mentor and Director of KandraDigital Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd.

KandraDigital is a premium Digital Marketing Agency and web solutions provider helping companies with their internet marketing portfolio. For Growth Hacks, Digital marketing Consulting services, Website Design & Development, Content Writing Services, Graphic Design/Logo Design services KandraDigital is the go to company for brilliant strategies & Quality Work.

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