As a digital marketer I realize many facts every now and then, I realize the good and the bad that’s happening around me, and within me in digital marketing and I mostly try to phrase some sentences around it and I call them as my favorite digital marketing quotes.

Dedicated to all my Digital marketing friends, Enthusiasts, digital marketing lovers, and who breathe and live digital marketing.

  • Some of the quotes are funny
  • Some of them are inspiring
  • Some of them are interesting

Many times I have tweeted on my twitter handle and I am sharing it all at one place now on my blog, here.

Digital Marketing Quotes

  1. #DigitalMarketing is more of like a hobby rather than like a profession.

  2. #DigitalMarketing is the biggest opportunity for the #startups, but unfortunately many startups are not realizing it and pushing themselves to the uncomfort zones

  3. Business of this generation heads to success in no time only when it meets the right #digitalmarketer & appropriate #DigitalMarketing is done

  4. #writing and selling is an art and not everyone can write and sell even though they have been taught of writing, as only content marketers can do it.

  5. Digital marketing is one of the most satisfied and interesting profile.

  6. Growth in career is not earning more nor being designated big, its merely creating an impact! And the impact is by being a digital marketer

  7. Happiness is learning and doing new things in Digital marketing

  8. I don’t want to work for well know #companies, I feel delighted to be part to make them know well through my digital marketing skills.

  9. Life seems to be more fruitful whenever I experience something very new(usually annoying), and digital marketing brings in new things every day

  10. There is no wonder in naming the #social sites as the #spam sites.

  11. The #worse and worse of spam content I could ever see on earth are only #Facebook..

  12. #Twitter is the best way to #convey your #thoughts/opinions to people around even after #talking only to our own #selves.

  13. Half of the world would have been jobless without digital marketers

  14. Internet is a boon to the world and digital marketers are boon to business owners

  15. If the internet is a god then digital marketer is a priest who connects the internet and business owners meaningfully

  16. A day without digital marketing is a day lost in my life- A love to digital marketing.

  17. The profile that brings in 100% satisfaction when practiced and implemented properly is a digital marketing

  18. Every day with something new, with surprises you make my day and that’s the only digital marketing.

  19. Blood flows in your nerves like all, digital marketers are the special people wherein only digital signals flow their veins.

  20. The biggest addict a person could ever have is being an addict to digital marketing.

Many of you may have your own interesting digital marketing quotes and probably you may call them digital marketing facts too if you have any of your favorites share it here.

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