We are building innovative solutions for your ever-evolving businesses without any hassle.

A one-stop solution for companies looking for a complete web & digital portfolio. Building world-class websites, applications, and marketing strategies for businesses to excel in their niches.

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Our Services

The blend of various skills needed for internet marketing and building its portfolio is now all in one place. We build an end-to-end solution for businesses and help them to quickly establish in the market.

Categories We Worked

Edugorilla, Upgrad Knowledgehut, Zeolearn, Invensislearning, StarAgile, Premieragile, Agileasia, Ken42 and many more.

Maleplasticsurgery, Rhinoplast, Purelaserskincare and many more

MyHappyjourney, Inspirock, Mustseeindia . Have delivered SEO on these projects.

RedBus, Traveltours, Inspirock, and many more.

Dailyhunt/NewsHunt, AmigoBulls, Raiseyourvoices

40Squares, Proptiger, UTC-Qatar, and many more.

Savedesk, Franklin Merchant Capital

Hoopos, Babyoye, Bigbasket, KandraFoods, and many more.

Mobikwik, Greatbuyz and 400 + . We have worked in almost all the categories and our expertise and the kind of team we have can get your business category to the top.

Most Promising Corporate Solutions

We make it super easy for you by building the digital presence of your business through information, technology, people, tools and relevant experience.

We bring in expertise, talent, delivery process, and many more to ease your business functionality and lower operating costs.

  • Building an in-house team
  • Optimization of your digital spending and help you to achieve higher ROI
  • Growth hack and strategies for higher revenues and margins
  • We help you with the best digital talent
  • Content solutions for your business
  • Trackers, work files, and templates to support their digital marketing teams and process
  • We can be your best outsource agency, where we can do everything for you at a much lower cost as compared to that of your in-house investment. 

200 + businesses use our templates to track their marketing metrics, and team performance and to simplify their day-to-day digital work.

400 + Companies hired our team’s expertise on an hourly basis and have seen an increase in productivity by 2x-4x times & ROI by 3x-6x times.

30 + Companies get their marketing reports/presentations and trackers developed by us every month.

300 + Companies opted the Market research, Business strategy, and Projections and made wise business strategies.

Why do Growing Companies Prefer Kandra Digital?

We understand your business the way you understand and we build strategies by bringing in our expertise that can assure you consistent progress/growth.

About KandraDigital

A premium digital agency that was established in the year 2018. Kandra Digital has helped 600+ businesses in the last 5 years catering to India, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar, United States, Canada markets, and many more. 

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Teams Love

KandraDigital is a great place for me, as I never felt bored, never felt low, and never worried about my carrier. I have always heard positive words from Manjunath sir, and he is simply super when it comes to mentoring people from all perspectives.

Kishor, SEO Expert.

I am very happy about my career after joining Kandra Digital, I am learning everything very much organised and to the core and I am confident I will be the best contributor to the organisation.

Harshith, Content Marketer

I am Hema and I working with Kandra Digital Since 2019. I am sure I would have not gotten this kind of learning anywhere if I was not associated with Kandra Digital. It’s a pleasure working with such an expert and amazing team.

Hema, Marketing Specialist

It’s an amazing experience being part of KandraDigital and learning A to Z on Marketing. I started my career as a fresher and have grown to the marketing team head and handling the team. Happiness is finding the right platform to learn and grow.

Ramya Teja, Marketing Manager

We are super happy about the exceptionally great team that’s part of the organization who are contributing to the company’s growth and our client’s growth with their sheer skills.

Our experts are all MTech, Engineers, MCA, and MBA graduates and some of them are a combination of degrees who all have the best aptitude, logical, reasoning capabilities, and communication skills and also have a deep understanding of domain and technologies and their functionality. our team is one of the rarest that possesses a deep understanding of their domain and resonates timely.

You’re in good company

Our clients appreciating us for the quality, timely delivery, result-oriented implementation and for the expertise we bring in keeps us energetic and makes us deliver consistently.

I personally liked Kandra Digital and their team for assuring and achieving what was assured. I had given a target and expected to achieve it in 6 months, the team did it in 4 months and I appreciate their expertise and problem solving skills.


Very knowledgeable team with a strong base in marketing and I love to work with the team, they are extraordinary and have delivered the best in the last one and half year.

Dennis Phee

Thanks to Kandra Digital for bringing in our business to shape, we are extremely happy about their building the right marketing channels and setting up the tracking mechanism to measure and invest wisely in the marketing.


A great work. Culture and opportunity to learn and grow at a personal as well as professional level.