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Equipped with a blend of various skills needed for internet marketing and building, we ensure portfolios in one place. We build an end-to-end solution for businesses and help them to quickly establish their niche in the market.

Digital Marketing

A one-stop solution for your company to build the right and ROI-driven Digital Portfolio. A full-fledged Digital Marketing agency delivering results at a 100% success rate.

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Enterprise Resource Planning Service

Enterprise Resource Planning Services

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Web Development Services

Build highly sophisticated, complex & dynamic websites & mobile applications.

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Website Designing ( UI/UX)

Get a holistic content strategy to drive sales to your business

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Content Writing Services

Reputable content writing agency committed to producing highly Quality SEO content that attracts customers to your business.

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Backlink Building Services

SEO's link building strategy, finding chances for vital inbound links from authoritative domains, enhancing your site's credibility and visibility.

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Google Ads Management Services

Remarketing, display ads, e-commerce PPC management, and video advertising. Many Happy Clients!

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Social Media Marketing Service

Remarketing, display ads, Social Media Marketing Service, and video advertising. Many Happy Clients!

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Online Reputation Management Services

Remarketing, display ads, Online Reputation Management Services, and video advertising. Many Happy Clients!

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Email Marketing Services

Remarketing, display ads, Email Marketing Services, and video advertising. Many Happy Clients!

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App Store Optimization Services

Remarketing, display ads, App Store Optimization Services, and video advertising. Many Happy Clients!

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Mobile App Development service

Remarketing, display ads, Mobile App Development service, and video advertising. Many Happy Clients!

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Branding Services

Remarketing, display ads, Branding Services, and video advertising. Many Happy Clients!

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Software Development Services

Software Development Services, Many Happy Clients!

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CRM Services

Remarketing, display ads, CRM Services, and video advertising. Many Happy Clients!

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Graphic Designing Services

Remarketing, display ads, Graphic Designing Services and video advertising. Many Happy Clients!

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Logo Designing Services

Remarketing, display ads, Logo Designing Services and video advertising. Many Happy Clients!

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Health Care
Real Estate

Teams Immense Exposure Across Edu-Tech

Our team comes with an expertise working for various kinds of industries and projects and have delivered the best results with the minimal resources. Highest ROI driven strategies are all crafted by the experts with the highest success rate, take a look at our teams exposure

2.4k+ Successful Clients

Edu-Tech Clients we worked

Upgrad Knowledgehut
Invensis learning
Learn and Thrive

200 +

Businesses use our templates to track their marketing metrics, and team performance and to simplify their day-to-day digital work.

30 +

Companies hired our team’s expertise on an hourly basis and have seen an increase in productivity by 2x-4x times & ROI by 3x-6x times.

400 +

Companies get their marketing reports/presentations and trackers developed by us every month.

300 +

Companies opted the Market research, Business strategy, and Projections and made wise business strategies.

Most Promising

Corporate Solutions

We make it very easy by helping you build your digital presence of your business through information, technology, people, tools and relevant experience. We bring in expertise, talent, delivery process and many more to ease your business functionality with marginally lower operating costs.

We bring in expertise, talent, delivery process, and many more to ease your business functionality and lower operating costs.
  • Building an in-house team
  • Optimization of your digital spending and help you to achieve higher ROI
  • Growth hack and strategies for higher revenues and margins
  • We help you with the best digital talent
  • Content solutions for your business
  • Trackers, work files, and templates to support their digital marketing teams and process
  • We can be your best outsource agency, where we can do everything for you at a much lower cost as compared to that of your in-house investment.

What We Offer

Why do Growing Companies Prefer
Kandra Digital?

We understand the business from your perspective and help build strategies by bringing in our expertise assuring you consistent progress.

Successful strategies

A proven track record of increase in client sales by an average of 4x times.

Up To Date

Knowhow with the latest newest technology, skills & Tools.

End-to-end planning & execution

Expertise in building varied sorts of your digital presence for the business.


Accomplished industry credentials by serving global clients across various domains, Line of Businesses and categories.

Great Team

Experienced & successful contributors, A good blend of engineers & Marketing professionals.

Data-driven decisions

Thoroughly professional with result oriented data-driven decisions

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About KandraDigital

A premium digital agency that was established in the year 2018. Kandra Digital has helped 600+ businesses in the last 5 years catering to India, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar, United States, Canada markets, and many more.

Team's Experience

Employee Satisfaction
Work - Life Balance

About Team

We are extremely happy about our great team that’s been a part of the organization who are contributing to the company’s progression and our client’s with their sheer skills. Our experts are graduates from MTech, BE, MCA, and MBA domains and a few with a combination of degrees with excellent aptitude, logical, reasoning capabilities and communication skills.They possess a deep understanding of domains, technology and their functionality and resonate superior quality of service at all times

We have a highly skilled team of professionals, including MTech, Engineering, MCA, and MBA graduates. They possess excellent aptitude, logical reasoning, and communication skills, with a deep understanding of diverse domains and technologies. This unique combination enables us to deliver timely and effective solutions for our clients.

You’re with a professional enterprise

Our clients' appreciation for quality and timely deliverables, result-oriented implementations and for the expertise we apply keeps us energetic and accentuates our benchmark consistently.


I personally liked Kandra Digital and their team for assuring and achieving what was assured. I had given a target and expected to achieve it in 6 months, the team did it in 4 months and I appreciate their expertise and problem solving skills.

Dennis Phee

Very knowledgeable team with a strong base in marketing and I love to work with the team, they are extraordinary and have delivered the best in the last one and half year.


Thanks to Kandra Digital for bringing in our business to shape, we are extremely happy about their building the right marketing channels and setting up the tracking mechanism to measure and invest wisely in the marketing.


A great work. Culture and opportunity to learn and grow at a personal as well as professional level.

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In the thriving tech hub of Bangalore, businesses and entrepreneurs are constantly seeking innovative ways to establish a robust online presence. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, finding the right technology and marketing solutions is crucial for success in today's digital age. That's where a Web Solutions Company and Marketing Solutions Company come into play, offering the necessary services to propel your business forward.

Tech Solutions Company
In the bustling tech hub of Bangalore, a Tech Solutions Company is the driving force behind innovative webservices. These firms specialize in website development, offering a diverse range of web solutions to businesses of all sizes. From responsive website design to custom web applications, these experts utilize cutting-edge technology to bring your digital vision to life.

Marketing Solutions Company
In the dynamic tech hub of Bangalore, a Marketing Solutions Company plays a pivotal role in enhancing the online presence of businesses. Their expertise in online marketing services is essential for capturing the digital spotlight. These companies specialize in strategies such as SEO, social media management, content marketing, and PPC advertising.

The Synergy of Web and Marketing Services
The synergy between web development and marketing is undeniable. An integrated approach, offered by an Online Marketing Company, combines the strengths of a Tech Solutions Agency and a Web Solutions Firm. When these services align, businesses benefit from a seamless online strategy that not only captures attention through engaging websites but also transforms that attention into business growth through strategic marketing.

Why Choose a Web Solutions Agency
Customized Web Development: A Web Solutions Agency takes your business goals and transforms them into functional, eye-catching websites or web applications. Their focus is on ensuring that your online presence is unique and tailored to your brand.
Responsive Design: In the era of smartphones and tablets, responsive web design is crucial. A Web Solutions Company in Bangalore ensures your website looks and functions flawlessly on all devices, enhancing user experience.
E-commerce Expertise: For businesses looking to tap into the world of online sales, web development experts in Bangalore provide e-commerce solutions that drive growth and increase revenue.

Why Choose a Tech Solutions Firm
Cutting-Edge Technology:
Technology is continually evolving, and a Tech Solutions Firm stays up-to-date with the latest advancements to ensure your digital solutions are built to endure.
Whether you're a startup with big dreams or an established business with growing demands, a Tech Solutions Company offers scalable solutions that adapt to your needs.
Security and Compliance:
In an age of heightened online threats and data privacy concerns, tech experts in Bangalore prioritize security and compliance in their solutions