Keyword research is one of the most important things to be considered by digital marketers especially if they are new to the domain, or in the case have limited knowledge about the product or services delivered by the businesses.

Experienced digital marketers may not necessarily prefer keyword research for all the products/services they deal with, they would have achieved an in-depth KnowledgeHut about the user searches on the internet and will be able to optimize the website accordingly. People to achieve this kind of understanding on the user searches would have probably spent lots of their time working on keywords,

Here is the list of topics that include everything about keyword research,

  • Definition of Keywords
  • Definition of Keyword Research
  • Why Keyword Research Or Objectives of Keyword Research
  • Why keyword research is important
  • Uses of Keyword research in Digital Marketing
  • Keyword research tools
  • Steps involved in the keyword research
  • Best possible ways of getting keywords
  • Finding the revenue generating keywords
  • Find the most recent searches
  • Understanding keyword competition
  • The other best ways of getting the keyword data(AdWords & Webmaster tools)
  • How to find/shortlist keywords when the volume is zero for all

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a term or a word or combination of words used to find the content, product or services with the names they are associated with on the internet servers or search engine servers by sending a query request through browsers, & search engines mostly.

Eg: “Keyword Research steps” is a query on Google, so that Google has to render all the content related to it.

In the above example the search term is “Keyword research steps”, it implies the person who has used it want to read a content that involves the steps or process to perform the keyword research.

More about the keywords:

Keywords can be again classified as long tail keywords and short/exact keywords.

You can read more about the keyword types here.

What is Keyword Research:

The quantitative study/analysis done on the search terms or keywords in order to understand the importance of the terms by their categories, variations, region, device type and more is known as keyword research

E.G: Keyword research tool-

Objectives of Keyword Research

To forecast the achievable traffic to the website from search engines based on the following details,

  • Competitors and their hold in the market
    • Keywords competitors are already ranking and their average positions
  • Details of Industry standard CTR- 20%
    • Brand presence
    • Well written titles and descriptions
  • Achievable average position for the keywords
    • Crawl frequency and Crawl rate of your website-
    • Purely depends on marketing efforts(Spend, development team and other teams support)
    • Keyword coverage
  • The number of keywords you could rank up (Keyword coverage)
    • Plan(Understanding of keywords competition, keyword type, keywords intent )
    • Purely depends on marketing efforts(Spend, development team and other teams support)
    • Understanding competitor keywords
  • To understand the Brand presence of the business

Why is it so important to do the keyword research?

  • To understand the volume/potential searches happening on search engines
  • To understand the search types and their search volumes
    • Patterns
    • Synonyms/Alternate names
    • Abbreviations
    • Spelled out versions
  • To understand the keyword competition
  • To understand the trends of the searches
  • To understand the intent of the keywords
  • To understand the search associated with the product/service
  • To forecast the achievable traffic by the business/website through search engines

How To Do a Keyword Research:

There are a number of keyword research tools available and most of the theme may not be reliably compared to Google keyword planner, Google keyword planner is the best and the most advanced compared to any other tool.

If you have to do a keyword research using Google keyword planner the step is as follows,

  1. Know the product/service

This is the first step in the keyword research, one has to understand thoroughly about the product or service so that they will be able to think of the possible queries around it on the internet and will be able to use the Google autocomplete, related searches or keyword planner tool effectively,

  1. Understanding the keyword variations

If you are planning to develop a content around a specific topic or category it is very crucial to know all the possible searches around it, for example in my article about the keywords and keyword research I will be interested to cover all of the sections, topics or categories related to my article about keyword research,

And this is how I would start doing it,

The Article Work Is Still In Progress, please get back again shortly to read the detailed content around keyword research………………………………………..


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