Business owners can achieve a lot more from the current traffic they have got to their website, but then due to the poor strategy of the content on the product pages, they end up investing more in marketing. Many times there is no ROI on the marketing campaigns and this turns out to be an ultimate failure to many businesses.

Many websites product pages don’t rank on search engines like Google despite the lower competition, as many marketers fail to optimize the webpages for the right keywords and the selling strategy.

The article is all about overcoming the above two problems and also includes an example/sample for writing the product pages description.

This document includes a strategy to make the content search engine friendly and sellable so that the following two goals are achieved,

  • Organic traffic to the website
  • Sellable (Good conversion rates)

Optimizing it for search engines:

Keyword Coverage:

The content in order to rank for business intent keywords as well as to attract the relevant searches/tail searches on the internet the use of keywords is important in the content. 

Keywords will be provided by the digital marketers who understand them by their demand, intent, search variation, and any other parameter to be considered, anyways still regardless of the keywords, the following patterns incorporation has to be done with the product name and which is must.

  • Primary patterns to be compulsorily used in both meta tags and in the content of the webpage whereas the secondary patterns will be compulsorily used in the web page content
  • Secondary patterns usage in the meta description is optional.

Primary patterns for E-commerce:

Price, Cost, buy, online, purchase, country name (eg: USA, India), 

Secondary Patterns:

Shop, Order, Book, Home delivery, Best, Free Shipping, and many other relevant terms

These can be made as to the defaults on the webpage and which can be part of CTA’s or as Call out statements.

Meta tags:


E.G: Buy Gun Metal Pendant Lamp Online In USA (USA is optional- This is very advantageous to use in only a few countries like India, maybe not in the USA)

Title Instructions:

  • Should always start with Buy
  • Consider incorporating online and country in the title
  • The title has to be written incorporating the most searched terms on the internet. (Can be found only by research)
  • Not having the buy term may not attract the searches on Google as the audience can assume the result to be of anything like article, review site, or maybe something else.
  • The title should not exceed 70 characters.
  • Also, consider having only the following delimiters in the title, such as “|”, “:”,”.”, (pipeline, colon and full stop)
  • Delimiters should be placed at the right instance in the title.

The title for product pages has to be kept simple as the product name is always lengthy, and initially, for hundreds/thousands of web pages, it has to be a template. 

Digital marketers would customize them wherever needed based on the need.


E.G: You can now buy metal pendant lamp online from Explore the huge collection of metal pendant lamps and order now. &#0004 Free Shipping.


Shop metal pendant lamp online from Now you can order metal pendant lamp from the comfort of your home. &#10004 Free Shipping.

The above descriptions are just examples, please follow instructions and develop the best one for your website.

Description Instructions:

  • In the description it’s important to convey that BusinessName sells online, this becomes very important to mention when the business is already well known through offline stores when they get to know that a credible seller is available online audiences prefer to visit the website and buy from there. 
  • The description should have a call to action as follows,
    • Buy now, Order now, Buy today, Order today, etc. Asking them to perform the action.
  • Make sure that there is only one call to action, not to have multiple call to actions
  • Try to incorporate the generic or parent category of the product, E.G: For this product, it is just a pendant lamp, which is a parent category or a generic name for the product.
  • Consider incorporating the special characters in the description using HTML characters such as tick mark, Checkbox, etc. For tick mark the HTML character is &#0004, one has to explore for the best one to have on the webpage.
  • You can fit in some of the secondary patterns here in the description.

Read more about meta tags, here.

This is how it appears on Google,

meta tags

FAQ’s Optimizing for the Voice search + To take up more space on the search results.


  • Where do I get a metal pendant lamp in Chicago?
  • Tell me the best decor sellers in the USA?
  • Where can I buy the cheap/elegant pendant lamps?

Writers/marketers have to understand the possible ways of voice searches and try to incorporate the questions accordingly. 

Users usually pose a question(s) or suggest an action to the device to be performed (E.G- take me to the decor website, this is not a question and hence such statements should get covered in the answers)

Writers/marketers can explore the Google autocomplete with the terms like why, where, how, when, all question based terms along with the products names and that’s how you can find the best questions.

Alternatively, explore the sections like,

  • People also ask for on Google
  • Related searches at the end of the Google search results web page
  • You can answer section (new section on Google search pages)
  • Some of the competitors website

Or just think for a moment how you would have done a voice search for a product you need.

This is how it appears on Google search results,

FAQ snippet

Tabular content Optimizing for Featured Snippet on search results:

Some of the content elements presented in the tabular format can appear in the Google as featured snippets. The tabular content also makes an appealing presentation to the user on the webpage.

The featured snippets help the webpages to achieve the highest CTR despite their ranking in the lower positions on the SERP and this eventually pushes the webpage to the top of the search results.

Some of the information like the product features can be presented as tabular content, E.G: 

Product Features Details Standards

Size/Dimensions 34*34*34 ISI/Verified/approved


This is how it appears on Google search results,

Table in Featured snippet

Selling Strategy on the webpage

Webpage content (Product Content)

  • First Para – Impactful and selling
  • Second Para- Positioning/Influencing
  • Third para- Leaving an impression

Impactful & Selling:

  • Have a heading to this paragraph (Impactful)
  • The direct powerful communication/pitching about the product, which usually will be from the seller
  • This section can also be presented as points


H1  Best Selling – Metallic Pendant Lamp

Proud to bring to you the world’s best selling pendant lamp bla bla, 2-6 lines or 

We are happy to see people celebrating their day with the pendant lamp and metal pendant lamp is one of the most selling lamp types at our stores, you can now purchase a pack of three at Just $. 1750 and save $. 300

Note: These are just examples, the writers’ creative skills define the quality of this section.

Make sure the information you put doesn’t sound fake/unrealistic or inappropriate.


The positioning elements are compulsory to have on the product page, 

  • Rating- The 5 * rated product influences the user to purchase the product.
  • Reviews- A positive talk about the products influences to buy
  • The product stats/The Positive talk about the product-. Content teams have to make sure it’s written in a very plain tone, no promotional tone as its just an information and information by itself will always be powerful. Numbers play a key role here.

Getting the reviews written is also very important and this should be part of content strategy for new websites.

The reviews & ratings when tagged with the rich snippet schema make an appealing view and attract users, this is one of the ways to achieve the highest CTR on Google search results by SEO professionals.

This is how the review and rating appear on Google,

rating and review snippets

Attractive(offers and value to the money): (Not applicable to writing team)

  • Offers/Discounts
  • Combos
  • Packs

Marketers & Business owners have to take care of this and this will have a fixed placement on the webpage and prominently visible.

Leaving an Impression:

How does this metallic pendant add elegance?

Why do lavish houses prefer this metallic pendant lamp?

The above heading writing style keeps changing with every category of products or with every single product of the same category. objective is to leave an impression, so that they get influenced. Not to write the false statements, it all has to be a fact put in the appropriate form to leave an impression.

  • Benefits/Advantages 
  • Usage & Instructions
  • Facts(Non marketing, but influences/impressive to the user)

The above three sections can go as the horizontal or vertical tabs on the webpage and would change based on the product. If there are any products adding medicinal value there will be more focus on the health benefits.

Tactical: (Not applicable to writing team)

Usually, these will be fixed elements on the webpage, which will be taken care of by the marketing teams and business owners.


Striked price and offer price

Place an order before (Date) and avail 20% discount

Available at 30% off during this christmas (Occasion)

Any other tactical thing, that brings more conversion can be introduced.

Product page content guidelines:

  • Follow the structure
  • Make sure to use keywords provided by the marketing teams
  • Break the content into multiple blocks
  • Don’t conclude on any information by yourself, always write as, “ as mentioned by source”
  • Write in such a tone where you never advise anything directly with regard to treatment, durability, cure and any benefits of the products, it all has to be just as information.
  • Always incorporate the synonyms/alternate name of the products
  • Comma separated content has to be always presented as bullet points

Keywords has to be taken from the marketing(SEO) teams as for e-commerce product portal searches for product vary from product to product and there is no one well-defined pattern for the searches and in many cases even though they are the same patterns the priority may change. 

If you are looking for a content strategy for your e-commerce products seek experts advice, who can build an amazing one time strategy that can,

  • Improve conversion rates drastically (read more about conversion rate optimization here)link
  • Have winning rankings on Google over your competitors
  • One time guidelines documentation for your content writing teams
  • Result oriented and minimal expenses on content

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