Running your eCommerce website is stressful, to say the least. From protecting your domain name to making your first purchase, the process can be tedious to remember that the need to secure your customers’ data is important to us.

In the case of many Startups, attention to detail like adding request for a quote for WooCommerce has landed them in purgatory and their exit plans have not been put on hold. Because they focus on perfecting store equipment, they end up ignoring the real business, violating the purpose of the exercise.

WooCommerce was created with WordPress small and large retailers in mind but managed to remain friendly to beginners by combining an easy-to-use approach with high performance, high flexibility, and a full range of features.
While we could easily explore more reasons why WooCommerce and your website fit together perfectly, for convenience, we’ll limit ourselves to below 10.

Reason #1. Pricing

When a new customer chooses a platform, the price may be the main factor. E-commerce software starts from free to several thousand dollars a year, but this price is not because of the app’s capabilities. The first reason for choosing WooCommerce is that it is free to use.

WooCommerce competes with leading business platforms, but because it’s free, any business or entrepreneur can take advantage of it without signing up for expensive support contracts or software licenses.

Please note that some third-party paid applications, WooCommerce and other add-ons may cost money, but they will not link directly to WooCommerce. You also need to connect your online store to WooCommerce hosting.

Reason #2. Theme Options

With WooCommerce, you can create a free eCommerce platform. Most website builders don’t offer much flexibility and want you to work with many unnecessary restrictions.

WooCommerce is the exact opposite. Since it is built on WordPress, you are allowed to change almost everything in your development. Although it may seem difficult, don’t worry!

There are more than three dozen ready-to-use themes to choose from; whether you are looking for the best responsive WordPress themes or the fastest WordPress themes, and with each one you can tweak the settings to get the look you want. This allows many entrepreneurs to make changes without outside help. However, you can still hire a front-end specialist to provide custom UX for your clients.

Reason #3. Endless Customization

WooCommerce is an open source application. This means that anyone can review, modify and/or extend the code. There are hundreds of free and paid plugins to add functionality to your WooCommerce store. With services that simplify your marketing, accounting, and payment gateways, the plugin is sure to meet all the unique needs of your store. All this, without the need for special knowledge!

You can organize not only the use of shops. You have the ability to customize your website and give it a great look using any of the many themes available. Think of it like changing clothes in your store – you can easily change and try them on until you find your style and decide what your brand looks like.

Reason #4. SEO Friendly platform

SEO plays an important role in promoting a website on the search engine results page. If your online store wants to increase traffic to products, it is important to position your product and website in SERPs.

WooCommerce, when integrated with WordPress, allows businesses to easily customize their products. Since WordPress is an SEO-optimized CMS platform, it automatically makes WooCommerce a search engine-friendly eCommerce platform.

Reason #5. High level of flexibility

If you want high functionality, you will also be a fan of WooCommerce. With its great structure and a wide variety of plugins supported, WooCommerce allows its customers to sell whatever they want, where they want, how they want, without lots of technical information.

With WooCommerce, you are free to sell custom and custom products, sell your website membership, sell your time, rent a room, host an online store, or sell third-party products as an affiliate. You can also make commissions to other sellers who sell in your store, which should be one of the easiest ways to make big money.

Reason #6. Good Marketing Opportunities

An e-commerce store needs to spread the word about its products, and for that, they need to have a good marketing plan to advertise its customers. WooCommerce helps customers manage sales by promoting campaigns to increase sales.

Here, the advantage of WooCommerce is that it manages various marketing methods such as organizing a digital collection, using coupons and gift cards, and a reward system to promote various brands and products. Special offers allow you to set the expiration date of your coupons. Instagram and Facebook are also used in promoting WooCommerce products.

Reason #7. Vibrant Developer Community

Both WooCommerce and WordPress are open source, meaning customers are free to change or add functionality, create new plugins, and create their own themes. For some e-business applications that are not popular, it is difficult to find developers who can do the job, and if they do find a developer, it is expensive to invest.

Reason #8. Huge Plugins Library

The WooCommerce plugin store has everything you need to promote your online store. If you want to enable some extra features, you can rely on WooCommerce plugins. In fact, there are hundreds of free and paid plugins designed to meet all your marketing needs, from information to marketing, reporting, and payment gateways. You can search the WooCommerce plugin library using categories, filters, or the search bar.

Reason #9. Great Customer Experience

One of the key insights we’ve gained over the years is the best use of WooCommerce. A website built with WooCommerce gives its customers a smooth journey from browsing to checkout.

Reason #10. High Security

WooCommerce is developed and maintained by Automattic Inc. Wondering what is Automattic? Well, the billion-dollar company behind and Jetpack has the resources to protect your store. The site is also secure because the theme of the site, WordPress, is automatically protected and updated. When looking for security threats, be sure to use plugins that are updated regularly so WooCommerce, part of WordPress, is safe.


WooCommerce expands features such as a pre-installed portal, geolocation support, search management, easy tax calculations, and more, making it the best platform for an online store.


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