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You are familiar with the scene in the movie “The Wolf of the Wall Street”, where Leonardo Di Caprio portraying the character of Jordan Belfort asks a room full of salesmen in a seminar “sell me this pen.” Everywhere you turn, there are always ads as someone is trying to sell you something. Whether it be in the grocery store or when you are on social media, there are ads everywhere. Likewise, if the roles were reversed, and it is you who has to sell, what are all the ideas that you could think of to sell your product or promote your brand? Sales pitches in these kinds of situations are extremely important and are faced by sales employees in their everyday lives. How you sell the product all depends on how you connect with your customer and persuade them to buy your product or service. Here are a few tips and tricks that you should employ to enhance your sales pitch and increase the sales of your business.

How to improve your sales pitch?

Sales pitches are speeches or writing of the salesperson that is trying to sell the products and services to potential leads. Sales pitches may include conversations, stories, or questions, or any piece of speech that would sell the product or service to a potential buyer. Before knowing about the tips to improve sales pitches, let us briefly understand the essential elements required for a great sales pitch. Sales pitches should be structured into several phases where the information is communicated effectively to the consumer. Here are the elements that every sales rep should be aware of to conduct an effective sales pitch:

  • Introduction:

The sales rep should introduce themselves to the customer and let them know which company they represent.
Service or product that is offered: Reps are supposed to explain the product or service being offered by the business. The reps should show a wide knowledge on the subject to gain the trust of the customer.

  • Target audience:

Knowing the audience before connecting always helps the sales reps to modulate the language and tone that they are supposed to use.

  • Clearing any queries:

The customer sales executive should have all the answers prepared for all the possible questions that the customer may ask. These answers should be solid enough that the doubts of the customer are cleared.

  • Sales pitches for different situations should be prepared so that the sales reps can use them according to the circumstances.

Techniques to Improve Sales Pitch

1.Know your Target audience

Selling is an art and to sell products and services, it takes more than just communicative skills. The first and foremost factor to consider to enhance your sales pitch is by knowing the target audience that you are selling your product or services. Here are a few steps that you have to take to know your target audience:

  1. Describe the product or service and know what problem it solves. Think of this as an introduction to your product and only include two or three sentences that describe the product.
  2. List out all the features of the product and highlight all the benefits that each feature could offer by brainstorming with others.
  3. Ask yourself about what people face such kind of problems and know about them and

how this product could be helpful for them.

The database of your CRM could give you a better picture of the types of people you have to pitch your sales.

2. Leading with a Question

Not everyone has the time to listen to you and want to buy your products. You just have a few initial seconds to make an impression and grab the attention of the potential buyers. Ask a question that makes them see a problem and the answer should promise them some valuable information. For example, digital marketing sales reps may start the pitch with, “Did you know that Instagram is working against you?” This question creates a sense of important information that the customer is missing out on. When the conversation goes on, the sales rep can align the value of the social media services that they intend to sell. However, if you start your pitch like “Are you looking for a way to..?” This becomes an annoying pitch that the customer would not want to listen to further. So always, decide the type of question you are going to start with and start with something that would increase the curiosity of the customer.

3. Explain How exactly the customers would benefit from you

The audience would just want you to cut to the chase and address what exactly is in it for them. Whenever you pitch some product or service to the investors, always be clear with how the product/service would benefit them. If you are someone who is just asking random questions, the customers or investors would not want to continue the conversation. Offer the investors, a return of investment, and the exact time of when they would receive the ROI. You must give all the necessary information, such as growth accommodation. You have to create realistic expectations for the investors when you are pitching your sales.

4. Showing the evidence of your current progress and growth

It is all talk and no show when you are just speaking about the authenticity of the product or service. It is always advisable to give clear evidence of the growth and progress of your product and service so that the investors believe that your product is worth investing in. Talk about how much you have progressed in the last few months, and how your idea, product, or service has progressed for the last six months at least. One way of showing how your business is grown is by showing how you have attracted customers just by the “word of mouth” method. This indicates that your product has become a viral component, and people are recognizing it as a reliable business.

5. Keep a casual tone in your sales pitch

Nobody likes to talk to a person who talks like a machine, as the human brain responds more to causal talks. Casually talk to your potential clients in a friendly and informal tone. Show appreciation to your potential customers by genuinely empathizing with their needs. Your focus is to make a connection with the client or investor, and then sell the product according to their need. At the end of the day, it is your casual tone and friendly attitude which would make your product or service sell.

6. Always have your answers prepared for any potential objections

You should always keep detailed notes ready for any type of objection that might be raised during your sales pitch. Address the objections with solutions that would not raise any further questions in the minds of the potential customer. Have some points that would make your product or service stand out from the crowd and address them to your leads during your sales pitch. All the relevant answers for the objections that could be raised should be in a written format next to you so that any confusion does not arise while you are pitching your sales.

7. Give something for free

This advice may not be for those who are already facing a financial crisis. Nevertheless, if you can afford some giveaways with your product or service, it always adds to the sales. Offering freebies makes a great way to reach out to more audiences. Customers are probably going to click on your link if they see any discount or any freebie along with your product or service. Also, try to highlight this point in your sales pitch and explain how much the customer is going to value from this and how much they are saving from buying your product or service.

8. Telling a Good Story

Most people remember stories more than they remember facts as stories have a unique representation that constantly captures the attention of the person. When a person is invested emotionally in your story, they would likely start to care about the product. But avoid introducing the product at the beginning of the story and do not start with the cliche stories of how the product magically transformed your life. Just keep it simple and introduce the product in the middle or end and give genuine facts about the product. The story should connect with a feeling or an emotion, it may be passion, enthusiasm, love, or any strong emotion. This is what is selling products in the present world. If your story is boring, long, and has too many words that the other person may not understand, then chances are that the potential lead would not be interested anymore.


The sales pitch is one of the most crucial factors that helps the sales rep to sell the product or service. This sales pitch may also be associated with the speech or writing when you are trying to sell your idea to an investor or a potential client. By using these ideas, many sales reps and businesses have seen significant progress in their sales and have progressed in their sales target. Know the structure of a sales pitch, to begin with, and later on, use different tactics to improve your sales pitch. Remember that your sales pitch would decide how many products or services you would sell, so practice more and work on it and you would be selling numerous products in no time.

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