Is SEO Going In The Right Direction For Your Business? How do you Know If It’s Doing Good?


The SEO is not going right for at least 60-70% of the businesses. Unfortunately, business owners don’t realize it and continue to invest wrongly in the wrong strategy and wrong SEO professionals. Are you one such business owner? Then this video is for you and must watch until the end.

Please do not watch this if you are not the business owner or lag that business owner mindset.

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Ranking the website for a small set of keywords and maintaining them is not an SEO success, mainly if you continuously invest in content and backlinks every month. There is no big surprise that you are not seeing any progress in SEO if you are not investing a single penny in SEO, but it’s a severe issue if you are not seeing much progress despite investing a lot in SEO.

  • This article speaks about the reasons for not seeing the growth in SEO
  • How to understand if it’s all going well and in the right direction?
  • The quick measures in bringing it back to its best state



A lot of business owners don’t have a proper understanding if their SEO is in the right direction, as they all look at it is if the set of keywords ranking on Google or not, and maintaining those small set of keyword’s average position is crucial for them and meanwhile what they lag is understanding of if all their SEO investments are,

To retain the rankings of those small sets of keywords?

  • What’s happening with so much investment you are doing in the Backlink building?
  • What’s happening with the traffic growth?
  • What’s happening with so much content that your SEO team is publishing?
  • What’s happening with the tech, design, and various other teams’ efforts in the organization?

There is no proper answer until you understand if it’s going the right way. In this article, I will explain how to understand if your SEO is going in the right direction.


  1. Efforts vs. Outcome ( Implementation Scale Vs. Organic Traffic)

Suppose you are constantly increasing your efforts and scaling up month on month. In that case, you may have to look into the website traffic of your recent month vs. the website traffic of the same month in previous years or the recent Quarter compared to the same Quarter of the previous year.

Your SEO is going wrong if you don’t see any growth or a nominal growth of 5-10%. If you are not investing in your SEO, such lag or a 5%-10% growth is acceptable. But if you are investing, you have to see at least 50-100% growth; ideally, you should see it doubling yearly.

Recent Quarter Compared to Previous Year same Period.


Month on Month Growth

Not just the growth compared to the previous year, you should also see a month-on-month growth. The graph below shows that the traffic grew by around 20% month on month.

You should see at least this growth when you look into your account SEO. If you don’t see this kind of growth, you may have to quickly change your strategies or the Team working on your project.

Apart from organic traffic, there are several metrics that you can look into to understand if it’s all going good,

  • Keyword Count of recent period vs. the same period previous years
  • Keyword Average position recent period vs. the same period previous years

After measuring all these, you would now get an idea if it’s all going well or not. Suppose it’s going good, great; if not,t it’s time for you to find the solutions and fix them quickly.

Here are some solutions that should help you to put your SEO implementations in the right direction or are oriented towards making your website perform to its fullest potential.


  1. Support your SEO team with all that’s needed

This is the biggest challenge for the business and SEO teams to help with everything needed for website optimization; it could be the website performance, the UI/UX, more people to execute the plan, and more. You will never see it going well if you do not support your Team with what’s needed to deliver the results. Hence you have to ensure that the Team has all the needed resources.

  1. Make sure your Team is super good at their domain.

Hiring just because someone has too many years of experience associated with your competitor or a well-performing company is not the right way of finding good talent and skilled people to execute your SEO. You may have to consider people delivering independently and from scratch, and also, you should have a mechanism to assess them appropriately.

If you need any help here, you can seek our expert suggestions or hire our Team to support you on this.

  1. The Team is up to date with industry standards and best practices.

The same old-school methods will not always work, and one needs to be updated with the search algorithms norms to cope quickly with the changes or criteria from respective search engines. Or they should master developing content and optimizations that are to the best ( evergreen) and has no impact or minimal impact regardless of any tweaks to search engine algorithms.

  1. The Team should have prior knowledge of the domain or the smartness to deal with the business category trends or loopholes.

This is not compulsory if the SEO expert is intelligent and good with everything, but if the person is not a deep thinker, has poor research skills, and is not up to date with the product or service-related information. A good SEO Professional should handle any industry effectively with deep thinking, knowledge, and hard work; hence. At the same time, you get the person to work on your project ad ensure you understand them better.

  1. Hire a consultant who can get this fixed for you and be responsible for the growth

Connect with someone with deep SEO knowledge; the SEO domain has a negligible number of experts/masters; many might claim they are experts but are not. The right SEO professionals should be able to solve any complex problem, should be able to tell you why something is working or not working, should be able to take the responsibility of delivering the results, and have to meet the deadlines accordingly. If you are looking for the best SEO consultant to fix your SEO, you can opt for services from KandraDigital.

Manjunath is SEO Consultant, who has helped a few hundred businesses to succeed in their SEO growths and revenues. Manjunath can assure you of the results and can streamline your website SEO in the right direction to reap maximum results.

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