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How can business owners and marketers benefit by working with these content writing companies in India?

I own a digital marketing company and often need content, which means I need to engage with freelance content writers and content writing firms on a regular basis. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

According to SEMrush, creating content that resonates with the audience is a top challenge faced by a significant number of content marketers.

Relevant and targeted content can convert casual readers into potential customers but looking for the perfect writer to pen down such targeted content is not always an easy task.

You need content, possibly lots of it!

But, in all probability, you have a limited number content marketers in your team, as I do, and often, the in-house writer is unable to offer a wider bandwidth to the liking of each client. Outsourcing the content, therefore, is the best way to get things done on time.

Fortunately, the market is teeming with freelance content writers, each claiming to be better than the rest. Yet, unfortunately, dealing with freelancers brings along a new set of challenges.

The foremost challenge lies in recruiting freelance writers to do your work.

I have often advertised my requirements on various social media groups, such as ‘Content Writers Needed’ on Facebook. The response is usually good, but reading through hundreds of writing samples that I often receive – many of which are unintelligible, is a pain. Yes, I have found good freelance writers on social forums, however, it isn’t always quick or easy to find a writer who specializes in your niche or can write across the board.

Besides, from my personal experience and that of my peers, I have learned that managing freelance writers can be a time-consuming task. Most writers work for more than one client and might prioritize their work over yours. Second, as you are not engaging with your writer face-to-face, you cannot be sure that they have understood the assignment correctly, and whether they would meet a deadline or not. Eventually, it does turn out to be a matter of luck that you end up with a freelance writer who is dedicated, punctual, and possesses a versatile writing style. Therefore, it is a case of hit or miss – and, if you miss, you might find yourself in a sticky situation with unfinished projects or unsatisfied clients.

Personally, I prefer to work with content writing firms that have a verified pool of writers, offering variety and managed content. It saves me the hassle of advertising and going through several applications as well as liaising with individual writers to ensure timely submissions.

When you hire a content marketing firm, you no longer have to liaise with the writers to make sure they are writing what you need. Generally, you set your requirements and deadline, and the provider will assign the work, review it, and ensure that quality content is delivered to you in a timely manner. Most of these companies use an automated system to manage their workflow and writers, which makes the entire process of content generation seamless and cost-effective.

According to a survey by Contently and Adweek, 76% of marketers believe they could increase ROI or brand lift by two to five times with an expert team producing high-quality content.

If, like me, you are always on the prowl for good content, here’s my list of go-to content marketing agencies in India that have always risen to the occasion and never let me down. Note that the list is not in any order of preference.


Lexiconn, with a little under a decade of experience, claims to have executed 3000+ projects and offers 35+ writing services to clients across 20 countries.

The boutique firm offers end-to-end content marketing services, including content consulting, SEO strategy, catalog management, web content, corporate communications, and much more.

Most of their customers find their cost-effective content solutions and quick turnaround time to be a significant advantage. Having built a team of writers and digital experts over nine years, Lexiconn is your best bet if you are looking for well-written, SEO-friendly content in a short frame of time.


Three-year-old WittyPen – the new kid on the block – is already making waves with a growing clientele in India, as well as, globally. The company has invested in a sophisticated dashboard to automate key processes in the content generation while retaining the human touch.

WittyPen, essentially, acts as a conduit between businesses and writers and adds a layer of internal QC to deliver engaging and error-free content.

A versatile pool of writers and a dynamic in-house team makes WittyPen a great place to source creative content or niche-specific content for your clients. They have a pool of qualified writers across domains such as travel, finance, tech, legal, education, etc., that can curate insightful content for specific domains.


TextMercato is a versatile content delivery platform that specializes in creating bulk content at affordable rates in a short timeframe. Most businesses, especially those in e-commerce, fashion, and tourism sectors, require large volumes of content that is research-backed, informational, and promotional enough to strike the right chord with the intended audience – crucial for lead generation as well as conversion!

However, most businesses associate large volumes with higher costs and longer timelines and end up publishing substandard content on their website, created by novice writers, or continue waiting until a competitor engages an expert and takes away the market.

TextMercato provides a unique solution to fill this gap in the market. It has developed a cataloging tool based on ML & NLP that can recognize images to map attributes and produce a complete catalog with SEO-optimised product descriptions. Use of technology reduces manual efforts through automation and leads to faster and accurate results, at a cheaper cost for customers.

In addition, TextMercato also offers data-driven market reports, white papers, and educational content such as blogs and news articles. The team is led by experienced writers, marketers, and digital experts that bring decades of experience to the table, resulting in delightful customer experience.

Presently, the company has 300+ satisfied clients across four continents.

Just Plug and Play!

Write Right

write right

Based out of Ahmedabad, this four-year-old writing and editing company has rapidly carved its way to the top as a leading B2B Agency of the country. The founder Bhavik Sarkhedi is a renowned author and all three of his books have done well in the market. His experience has been the guiding force for the team at Write Right. What sets Write Right apart from that of other content providers is the fact that they customize the content based on the nature of the client’s company. That way, the website content for a small enterprise will be drafted in a manner that is different from that of an angel-funded startup. This is done in a manner that ensures the success of the client’s website among their respective target audience.

 Write Right is one of the few content service providers to focus on career-building content such as resume writing, report writing, LOR and SOP writing, academic writing, etc. Write Right takes pride in giving flight to their client’s career aspirations and using their content writing services to empower the lives of deserving candidates.


Based out of the national capital of New Delhi, Orangus caters to a diverse clientele that is spread over continents. The precision of content and client satisfaction lies at the paramount of the service rendered by Orangus. That is why the organization indulges in rewriting until the satisfaction of the clients. It is one of the very few content writing firms to offer clients this luxury.

As one of the new players in the world of content writing, Orangus did bring in innovation in this field. From fostering the outsourcing of social media content to Wordpress web designing, Orangus is always on the lookout of new business opportunities in this field.

Just Words

Just Words take pride in being one of the premier boutique content providers of the country. In addition to writers and storytellers, the team has competent marketers and publishers. This allows Just Words to go beyond providing client-centric content and explore areas that give the content better visibility and more inbound traffic.

 The services of Just Words include creative experience design, advertising content, content strategy, and planning services amount others. The team’s deep understanding of analytics helps them to deliver better returns on the investments of the clients. At the core of such statistical analysis, lies the organization’s perseverance for quality content and a desire to connect with the audience with every word of written text. It is this that has driven the organization’s success story and made it one of the top content marketing firms of the country in such a short duration of time.


Estorytellers has some of the strictest norms for writer selection. This ensures that each writer who makes it to the organization is not just competent but is also a subject matter expert in his or her field. Technical writing, creative writing, academic writing and ghostwriting are some of the services offered by this organization. 

Estorytellers are well reputed for their adherence to deadlines while also ensuring that the quality of service is not affected. Instances from the past are a testimony to the fact that Estorytellers often deliver their content before time. All of this is done while providing the service at a reasonable rate. 

Kandra Digital Content Writing Services

Kandra Digital doesn’t just build the content, their focus is to build a market-ready piece of content, they take care of the “n” number of marketing aspects in developing content, such as,

  1. A selling strategy, where your piece of content/web page works exactly like a salesperson

  2. Developing various kinds of information needed for the user

  3. Prioritization of the information as per the user expectations

  4. An appropriate call to actions and navigation

  5. Mainly evaluating the product/service availability, pricing, key features and other details as compared to the current market and competition

  6. Positioning and pitching of the product

  7. Enticing elements on the web page/in the content

  8. Impactful and influential elements

  9. Lead magnets suggestions

  10. Creating a real value to the users instead of just SEO focused content or no objective oriented content.

The best thing with Kandra Digital content writing services is that the content activities are all driven by the content marketing professionals who build exceptionally great content for various industries, and every piece of it is built with an objective.

You can reach out them by clicking on the link or call them at 9036998154

Looking for to hire a content writing agency?

The content marketing industry will be worth $412bn by 2021. Whether it is printed or visual content, the demand for quality content is on the rise – and most marketers would agree that captivating content is, and will remain, the soul of any successful marketing campaign.

As a digital marketing expert, I see clear benefits of working with professional content writing firms for on-demand content, such as access to a pool of vetted writers and assured quality. The content writing firms I have mentioned above employ rigorous procedures to vet their writers and match your requirements with the most suitable writers in their pool, to ensure the best outcome.

Writing firms also offer a high-level of accountability that is not possible with a freelance writer. For example, if your freelance writer quits before completing a big project or produces a lackluster piece of content they are not ready to improve – there isn’t much you can do. However, if you are working with a professional company, the project will be automatically reassigned if a writer backs out and completed within the requisite timeframe.

Outsourcing content to a content marketing firm could be an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses looking for on-demand content for short and long-term needs. Choose a platform aligned with your goals and experience the difference for yourself.

Are there any content writing companies in India that you highly recommend? Share your comments to spread the word and help the marketing community, as a whole.

If you are a digital marketer you can send us the list to publish here.

Note: The recommendations/suggestions you send may or may not get published, we validate the content marketing/writing company you suggest for its credibility, clientile and more, if we believe it to be going to be useful for digital markerters we shall publish them.



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